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Leverage Public Cloud with Actifio to Reduce Costs and Risk.


Accelerate digital transformation through enterprise-class copy data management, on-premises or in the cloud.

Most IT executives are focused on eliminating risk and reducing costs. They want to shrink their data center footprint for Backup, DR, and Test Data Management (TDM) by leveraging public cloud.

Actifio Sky software enables enterprises to protect on-premises workloads by efficiently backing them up to any public cloud while providing instant recovery.

Actifio also protects cloud-resident workloads with backup and replication to remote cloud regions while delivering on-demand recovery.

Additionally, enterprises can spin up self-service, on-demand copies in the cloud to create test sandbox environments, which can speed up application development, increase quality, and reduce operational costs.

Apply virtualization and orchestration to your enterprise data to enable your journey to public cloud.

“Actifio fits our approach and our technology strategy. Some more traditional methods are still in place, but our question is always can we do it better? The toughest thing that we’ve had to break through in this whole transformation is the way we’ve always done it. That’s the only way we knew. Now, one of the things Actifio is teaching us is ‘Oh, by the way, there’s a better way to handle that data situation.’ It’s changed how we look at data management.”

Bharat Patel – VP of Technology Infrastructure & Cloud Strategy Outsourcing


Enterprise IT environments are large and diverse which adds complexity, cost, and management overhead.


For all workloads, including databases and physical servers, Actifio reduces risk by delivering instant data protection and improving operational efficiency with advanced test data management capabilities on-premises or in any public cloud.


For low priority VMware VMs, Actifio can backup directly to cloud object storage resulting in low on-premises infrastructure costs. Therefore, enterprises benefit from instant recovery even from cloud object storage while achieving lower TCO.


Actifio can migrate enterprise workloads from on-premises to public cloud and continue to protect those workloads in public cloud after migration.


Enterprises can also provision rapid database clones on-demand, on-premises, and in public cloud for Test Data Management. Dev / test teams that utilize CI/CD tools can seamlessly introduce Actifio into the environment for enhanced ease of use and automation.


Actifio delivers a single solution for all these use cases for both on-premises and cloud resident workloads, which simplifies operations and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Actifio can backup physical machines to any major public cloud. It can also recover the entire Windows or Linux physical server as a cloud VM. As part of this recovery, Actifio can also perform instant mount and recovery of the non-system volumes and databases, thus deliver instant recovery in the cloud.

Yes. Actifio can perform instant recovery from both cloud object and block storage tiers.

There are two forms of replication from on-premises to public cloud.

For mission-critical workloads, enterprises use replication between Actifio Sky on-premises to Actifio Sky in a cloud VM.

For Tier 2 and Tier 3 VMs, enterprises can back up on-premises VMware VMs directly to cloud object storage, thus reducing on-premises storage costs.


Actifio performs incremental forever backups of SQL using its own proprietary change block tracking technology and leverages VSS snapshots for database consistency. Yet, each point-in-time incremental backup results in a full virtual copy, i.e., no extra storage is consumed for the virtual full copy, and you can recover a full database without having to apply incremental data to full backups.

Actifio Sky then mounts the point-in-time backup image (which is in native SQL format and not a traditional dump) to the recovery server over iSCSI and recovers the database in minutes. Based on the specified point in time, it automatically replays any transaction logs that are needed.

Actifio does not use the BackInt database dumps, and instead relies upon the SAP HANA native snapshot API (‘HDBSQL’ calls to create a global savepoint for application-consistent backup). Actifio performs incremental forever backups. Yet, each point-in-time incremental backup is synthesized to be a full virtual copy, i.e., no extra storage is consumed for the virtual full copy, and you can recover a full database without having to apply all incremental backups.

Actifio Sky then mounts the point-in-time backup image (which is in native HANA Data format and not a traditional dump) to the recovery server over FC/iSCSI/NFS and recovers the database (using HANA API ‘’) in minutes.

Information that is protected by Actifio Sky in public cloud for backups can also be leveraged to provision multiple virtual database clones for Dev, QA, UAT, Analytics or other test environments. Sky also enables developer self-service to simplify and accelerate the provisioning of virtual database clones.

Re-writable virtual clones are space efficient and do not use any extra storage.  Incremental disk capacity is only consumed when the database is changed as part of the testing process.

Other backup products typically take hours or days to create physical clones with 10x or more storage required in test environments.

Yes. DBAs/administrators can use cloud object storage for long-term data retention. Actifio can replicate backups in an incremental forever manner to cloud object storage for reduced TCO.