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“Often we get individual requests to refresh a single database. It’s now possible to fulfill those requests in only an hour with Actifio.”



Accelerate Data Access & Analytics for Enterprise Data Science.


Accelerate access to data through enterprise-class copy data management, on-premises or in the cloud.

Before a Data Scientist can get to work on data sets, they need access to current and relevant data. Using Actifio data virtualization, Data Scientists can have immediate access to fresh data sets against which models can be applied. The ability to rapidly setup and teardown data environments means iterative model development is not constrained by data size or location.

Enterprise Data science is quickly becoming an opportunity for cutting edge competitive advantage. Data Scientists must collect, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data in order to accelerate critical business solutions, help improve operations, and gain a competitive edge.

They need easy access to large databases. Many require the capability to move data to, from or between clouds. Easy and direct data access is essential so that Data Scientists aren’t wasting valuable time waiting for the creation of new data sets.


Accelerated decision cycles, competitive forces, and rapid alterations to the business landscape all drive data demands.

“We used to have a big pool of data, and not all the tools to analyze it. It was like drinking from a firehose and trying to figure out what was useful. We can now provide actionable data to decision-makers in the organization quickly and inexpensively, without affecting our production environment.”

Matt Hoskins – CIO


Data scientists use Actifio to simplify and accelerate data insights and analytics.


Because Actifio provides easy access to current data without impacting production systems, data sets can be refreshed as frequently as required. Using change block tracking, Actifio maintains a golden copy of up-to-date data from enterprise systems.


With rich database support, Actifio can instantly mount space-efficient copies (snaps and/or clones) of production data to feed ETL processes and analytics systems and build marts and warehouses.


When legacy systems are replaced by simple, fast, virtualized data, the bottlenecks and complexity disappear – along with expensive infrastructure, software, and operating costs.


Data access and refresh can be set up for self-service, on-demand copies. Data becomes immediately accessible for analytics, sandbox, or training environments. Actifio data currency means that timely analytics and accelerated business impacts become the norm.



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