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Scalable Backup & Recovery in Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud.

“We looked at several potential replacement options and found the others difficult to use. We selected Actifio for its speed and simplicity. Initially, our target RTO/RPO was twenty-four hours or less. With Actifio, we’re now at fifteen minutes.”

Chris Borman – Senior Manager of Database Operations


Actifio offers rapid incremental forever backup and a scalable instant recovery solution for database, NAS and file workloads in VMs, physical machines and in the cloud.

Large & diverse workloads are hard to backup and Recover. Actifio software provides a scalable, enterprise-grade Copy Data Management (CDM) solution for very large databases, NAS and File workloads in VMs, Physical Machines and in the Cloud.  

It manages backed up copies efficiently and securely in any public cloud or on-premises using any storage. Actifio Sky eases the burden on Backup Administrators, increasing their efficiency, and enabling them to focus on more critical business-oriented tasks.


Backing up large file systems and databases in VMs, physical, and Cloud Environments impacts production performance.

“…an unknown bug with another vendor’s system forced us to use Actifio to recover critical databases seven times in six weeks. We had engineers, developers, everyone on the phone helping us and clear visibility all the way to the top. If not for Actifio, we could not have operated through much of that time and our financial losses would have been substantial. This is when you need your product to work. And it worked.”

Ernesto Nigro – Manager, Systems Operations & Architecture


Actifio offers scalable instant recovery for databases. With Actifio, you can get Instant recovery of 100+ TB Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 and other enterprise databases in VMs, physical servers, or cloud in minutes.


With Actifio, you can do 1 Click DR using Actifio Resiliency Director which orchestrates automated DR of large VMware farms.


Actifio captures application consistent data with incremental forever backups for databases, NAS file systems and VM farms.


Actifio captures data with application consistency using native APIs such as Oracle RMAN for Oracle, VSS APIs for Microsoft SQL, and VADP for VMware.


With Actifio, you can also replicate to, and recover in any cloud including AWS, Azure, Oracle cloud. Also, you can store backup images in any storage and in S3 compatible object storage.



Frequently Asked Questions.

Actifio’s pricing model is very simple and easy to understand. It’s based on the amount of source data protected. For example: If an enterprise wants to use Actifio to provision 20 clones of a 10 TB database, the enterprise would need Actifio license for 10 TB of source data. Enterprises can create as many clones as they want and can retain any amount of point-in-time history. Enterprises can also use this license anywhere in the public cloud or on-premises.

Actifio VDP is the patented core Virtual Data Pipeline technology that can be consumed in multiple form factors.

Actifio Sky is a VM appliance that runs Actifio VDP engine and can be provisioned in a public cloud VM or on-premises in VMware, Hyper-V VMs.

Actifio CDS/CDX is a physical appliance cluster that runs Actifio VDP engine with High Availability and is typically used on-premises.

Yes. Actifio supports all major public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Oracle. It’s also available in some of the public cloud marketplaces.

Yes, Actifio leverages native Block Change Tracking (BCT) technology to capture just the changed blocks in its incremental forever data ingestion. After the first backup, which is an Image Copy, Actifio does an incremental backup and incremental merge.

Thus, if 5% of a 10 TB production database changes, only 500 GB of data will be ingested by Actifio. When testers have to refresh, they just unmount their database clones and provision clones again in just minutes.

Yes. SLAs be set in such a way that transaction/archive logs can be copied to Actifio Sky instance every X minutes or hours in between the incremental data ingestion. For example, a user can setup incremental data ingestion every 1 hour and log copies every 15 minutes.

While provisioning virtual database clones, a user can specify any point-in-time. Actifio automatically identifies the nearest incremental point-in-time, mounts a synthetic virtual full copy instantly as of that point-in-time, and applies the transaction/archive logs to recover the database to the specified point-in-time. All of this is fully automated.

Actifio stores the database backups in native format. This ensures that after instant mount and provisioning a database clone, there is no performance overhead because of format conversion.

The other factor to consider is the storage on which the database backups are stored by Actifio.

Depending on the performance requirements, enterprises can specify the right storage tier to use with Actifio.

And lastly, Actifio also offers the flexibility to instantly mount and provision database clones over fiber channel or iSCSI or NFS depending upon the user preference.

Thus the performance can be as good as the underlying storage and the protocol the user wants to use.

Yes. In fact, almost all the customers who use Actifio for DevOps & Test Data Management replace their other backup product with Actifio either on day one or over time. This helps them not only reduce their overall costs, but also simplifies operations with a single platform for backup, recovery, test data management i.e. Copy Data Management for databases.