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Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.

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Turn your data silos into data pipelines, with automation from on-premises to any cloud for secure, instant access for business use.

What is a data driven enterprise?

According to a 2018 study by Accenture Labs, Data Driven Enterprises are characterized by: faster decision making; more rapid conversion from strategy to action; better sharing and collaboration; and a better understanding of the competitive value of their data.

How do enterprises become data driven?

To become a Data Driven Enterprise, organizations must move from a siloed approach to data management, to a global, secure, self-service data platform.


Actifio’s Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management software platform virtualizes copy data.

This allows full lifecycle management of virtual copies of data, in their native format.

Through a rich set of APIs, Actifio’s software can integrate seamlessly into or with any IT Service Management tools, DevOps toolchain, or custom-built scripts and applications.

With Actifio, organizations can rapidly access and use their enterprise data to drive insights and innovation.

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Actifio, everything your enterprise needs to be data driven.


Rich Application Awareness.

Native application integration means no translation needed for data re-use on-premises or in the cloud.

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Instant Data Reuse

High-performance data delivery at scale means no compromises when data sizes escalate.

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Global Data Mobility.

Flexibility to optimize for time, bandwidth, or data retention, and automated VM-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud conversions means no stranded workloads or sub-optimal cloud usage.

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Universal Integration and Orchestration.

Powerful automation platform and REST API means self-service may be powered directly or through a broad ecosystem of tools.

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“Actifio handles our legacy systems on-site and also works well with cloud platforms that range from AWS and Azure to Google and beyond. It enables us to shift workloads easily into the cloud or move data sets to other parts of the world as we increase or adapt our use of cloud platforms.
It gets us up and running very quickly, and it’s wholly infrastructure/ technology agnostic. That preserves our flexibility and leverages investments we’ve already made.”

Mark Moseley, Vice President of IT – Rosetta Stone

Frequently Asked Questions.

VDP is the acronym for Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline technology.  With 57 patents and growing, VDP is full-stack copy data management for workloads like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 — on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud.

Yes, organizations are using Actifio to manage multi-hundred TB database instances with near instantaneous access.

According to Accenture, there are five levels of maturity, from Level 0 Ad Hoc, which is characterized by a siloed approach to management, to Level four Industrial, in which data is truly a competitive weapon.

Yes, Actifio has successfully integrated with these IT Service platforms and more using our rich REST API.

Yes, Actifio has successfully integrated with these DevOps tools and more using our rich REST API.