Rapidly Adopt VMware Cloud on AWS

Actifio enables businesses to begin using VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS for backup, recovery and dev / test

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What Users are Saying

“The impact and success of this product is tangible and immediate.”

– Apotex

“The integration with VMware is unbelievable!”

– Bryant University

Actifio’s Solution for VMware Cloud on AWS

Backup and restore VMs, utilize cloud object storage and enable dev / test use cases with VMware Cloud on AWS using Actifio Sky software

VMware Cloud on AWS

1. Low RPO with efficient incremental forever backup by using Actifio Sky with a connector in each VM

2. Store compressed backups in vSAN storage

3. Tier backups to AWS S3 / S3 IAS object storage for long term retention and reduced costs in VMC

VMware cloud on AWS

4. Low RTO with instant mount and recovery directly from vSAN or AWS S3 / S3 IAS object storage to VMC

5 . Provision virtual thin clones from on-premises and / or VMC backups to enable dev / test without increasing VMC storage costs

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Key Features & Benefits

Agentless Incremental Forever Backup

Protect VMware VMs in VMC in an incremental forever manner with application consistency

Scalable Instant Recovery

Recover VMC VMs in minutes with high performance due to backups stored in native application format

Tier Backup Data to Cloud Object Storage

Reduce VMC storage footprint, lower TCO and retain data from days to decades by tiering backup copies to AWS S3 / S3 IAS cloud object storage

Instant Recovery from Cloud Object Storage

Lower TCO by not using expensive vSAN storage and lower RTO by mounting directly from AWS S3 / S3 IAS cloud object storage

Enable Dev / Test Use Cases in VMware Cloud on AWS

Mount virtual thin clones in VMC without increasing vSAN storage, therefore significantly saving costs associated with VMC storage

Reduce On-Premises ESX License Costs

Provision virtual thin clones from Actifio backups in VMC to reduce the amount of on-premises infrastructure need for dev / test use cases

“The tool is great… It’s breadth of capabilities from backups, clones, database replication, and cloud migration make it very powerful all in a single solution.”

– Rosetta Stone


Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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