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Resources - Market: SAP HANA

Backup & DR of HANA, SQL & Sybase Databases in Google Cloud
ATB needed to establish a proven backup and recovery platform for 250 TB mission-critical SAP HANA, SQL Server, and Sybase databases running in Google Cloud. They used copy data management to protect and recover all databases across two Google regions.
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Leveraging Google Cloud Platform with Actifio (in 120 seconds)
A quick video detailing how to leverage Google Cloud Platform with Actifio
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Actifio Database Cloning Appliance in 60 seconds
In 60 seconds, learn about the Actifio Database Cloning Appliance powered by Dell Technologies
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Because SAP HANA runs in-memory it can return query results very quickly. A lot of enterprises run SAP HANA on premises for their mission critical applications but there are many challenges that SAP HANA database administrators face when managing the data such as: Managing cloud snapshots Managing backup and recovery Migrating to the public cloud and more! We created an easily digestible, quick 10 page whitepaper that walks through each of these challenges and solutions to each.
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