Become an Actifio Certified Practitioner

Take the online exam hosted on our certification platform for free!  The exam covers a full range of data enterprise data management topics and the certificate is documented evidence of your knowledge in the following topics:

Actifio Product Overview

VMware VMs
Discovering, Protection and Recovery

Connector Management

File Systems
Discovery, Protection and Recovery

Discovery, Protection and Recovery

Report Manager – Usage

Actifio Global Manager


Enjoy the Benefits of Being Actifio Certified:

Up to 25% discount on all future training

Free, early access to training on new products & features

Invitation-only access to specialty webinars & training sessions

Access to Actifio branded merchandise

Get Started

In order to get started, login to ActifioNOW and register for a certification exam by clicking on Learn on the Home page, clicking on the Certifications link and selecting the relevant Certification.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to access the online exam.


Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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