Actifio’s data virtualization platform helps companies take control of their data, delivering greater resilience and agility while enabling secure mobility of data to and from the cloud.

By virtualizing data, creating a single “gold copy” available for instant access and use, Actifio frees application data from underlying infrastructure, enabling transformational change in IT and the business.

Actifio Sky™ is a robust virtual appliance built on Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) that powers the data center appliance Actifio CDS™. Actifio Sky offers a new level of deployment flexibility and range. As a virtual appliance, Actifio Sky can be deployed in minutes at any site across an organization’s locations and environments.

Actifio Sky is ready for the demanding copy data virtualization needs of most environments with sizes and configurations suited for the datacenter, remote and branch offices, or even the cloud.


Enabling Actifio’s technology to run on a virtual appliance has been a key milestone in the platform vision from the start. Every company, across every geography, vertical, and market segment should have the ability to tap the power of Actifio’s copy data virtualization model in whatever form makes the most sense for them… as a fully integrated appliance leveraging bundled, existing, or third-party storage; as a virtual appliance which can be deployed readily into the edge or the cloud; or as a cloud- based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) available on demand and accessible through any device. This guiding vision is known as ‘Actifio Anywhere,’ and is exemplified the exciting range of Actifio products and services now and into the future.



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