Actifio CDS ™ is an enterprise-class physical appliance that brings the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) to your organization for large-scale deployments in heterogeneous data center environments.

Actifio CDS supports a broad range of applications, host operating systems, and third-party storage, and is designed to manage and protect nearly a petabyte of application data per system.

Actifio CDS is a turnkey system including VDP software in a fault-tolerant appliance that may be deployed with storage or as a gateway. CDS integrates seamlessly into any data center, leveraging either the IP network or Fibre-Channel SAN to capture data.

CDS hosts the industry’s only application- centric SLA-based management. Actifio’s platform support is very broad, yet is particularly well suited for VMware deployments, as it directly integrates through the VMware’s vSphere and vCenter API.

Actifio also directly integrates with Microsoft VSS, Oracle RMAN, and SAP BRTools, offering powerful data management for test and development use cases, as well as data protection.

Additionally, by off- loading copy data functions like snapshot, backup, clone, and replication from both production storage systems, CDS enables organizations to achieve greater scalability, improved production performance, and higher system utilization.


Actifio CDS can be configured with or without storage. Licensed configurations start as small as 15TB and can expand management up to 8 PB.  Actifio CDS can be deployed in a single site, to provide local data protection, recovery, and availability for other uses, or in multiple sites to replicate data from one location to another to support other use cases such as disaster recovery, data migrations, and more.



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