Actifio + VMware for Complete Data Center Virtualization

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VMware, through advances in server virtualization, turned traditional compute into high efficiency compute environments using commodity hardware. The next phase in datacenter transformation was network and storage virtualization creating secure, flexible network functionality with commodity hardware.

Actifio is continuing to transform the data center through the next phase by virtualizing copy data. With Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology, Actifio creates radically simple and effective copy data utilization by consolidating disparate storage applications (such as backup, recovery, replication and deduplication), and provides a platform that allows IT deliver a true service oriented architecture.

How It Works

vmware backup


Protect VMs & Effectively Manage Copy Data

vmware backup

Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline technology efficiently captures a single copy or “gold copy” of changed Virtual Machine data based on a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA), and then leverages this copy for multiple use cases, allowing the applications direct access to copy data without any data movement.

This consolidates backup, snapshot, replication, and application test and development operations into a radically simple platform saving cost, time, and storage while increasing response time with the appropriate SLA on a per VM or application basis.

Deep VMware Integrations

To achieve ultimate efficiency, Actifio efficiency, Actifio VDP appliances including Actifio CDS, and its virtual counterpart, Actifio SkyTM both integrate deeply with VMware vSphere. Among others, these integrations include leveraging vCenter APIs, VMware APIs for Data Protection, Change Block Tracking, and VMware VSAN.

Cloud Mobility Through Copy Data Virtualization

Beyond providing copy data virtualization for VMware vSphere environments, Actifio SkyTM is able to deliver long term retention or application retirement for Actifio customers.

Actifio Sky instances can run in select vCloud Air providers or even Amazon Web Services (AWS), acting as a replication target from your datacenter with disparate infrastructure. Actifio’s WAN-optimized replication protocol eliminates barriers to data mobility from the data center to and from the cloud, enabling transformational data management velocity and scale.

You can now move virtual machines or VM data between locations with heterogeneous storage environment or even move, federate, store, or retire applications between clouds.

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