Challenges When Managing SQL Data with Legacy Systems

SQL Server databases drive many companies’ most important applications and serve as the repositories for much of their crucial business data. Making this data available for various uses and keeping it protected and resilient has traditionally been both complex and expensive.

Legacy approaches to SQL data protection and availability have traditionally used a combination of multiple point tools and a variety of human-task-intensive processes.

The result has often been siloed infrastructure for SQL backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, test & development, analytics, compliance and more.


Better SQL Data Protection & Availability

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Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline virtualizes SQL data, allowing IT administrators to leverage a single golden copy of production data to support data protection, test & development, and analytics, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity, via a single platform.

Actifio enables IT administrators to give users access to virtual or physical copies of your primary data, from any point-in-time, through mount, clone, LiveClone™, or restore operations.


How Actifio & SQL Server Work Together

Actifio ingests SQL data to create a golden copy, updates it incrementally with changed blocks, and maintains it in an incremental-forever architecture. Actifio captures application consistent SQL data from SQL Databases, SQL Clusters, and SQL Applications whether they reside on physical systems or on MS Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines. Once a golden image is captured, this image can be in a ready-state for immediate use, de-duplicated for long term retention, or sent to a remote location for disaster recovery purposes.

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Actifio Provides Near Instant Access to SQL Data for Development, Analysis or Recovery Purposes

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Actifio provides access to application data from any point-in-time copy on any system for recovery, migrations, development, testing, analytics and more.

Actifio provides flexible options for secure, roles-based control of data management. The system provides a variety of options for accessing data without the need to use a traditional restore operation.

Actifio uses efficient block-level iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocol to mount data instantly to any authorized system. Applications and data sets can be copied from any point in the system to another location using the Clone function.

The LiveClone function allows an independent copy of a data set to be mounted, while maintaining a fresh copy of the data as the primary data is refreshed.

Finally, data may be restored to revert production data to its original state at the time of data collection.


Integration and the Actifio SQL Server Connector

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To capture, manage, and use SQL data, Actifio uses either the Actifio Connector or VMware API calls. The Actifio Connector is a small- footprint, lightweight service that may be installed on either virtual or physical servers and is used to manage selected Microsoft® SQL Server databases.

The Actifio Connector takes advantage of Microsoft® SQL Server VSS Writer (SqlServerWriter) for discovery, capture, and access operations.

The Actifio Connector provides a more granular management capability than what is provided by VMware API calls, allowing the user to capture selected Microsoft® SQL Server databases, capture databases that cannot be snapped by VMware, and manage Microsoft® SQL Server clusters. It offers more options for handling individual Microsoft® SQL Server database transaction logs.

To learn more about the technical details of how Actifio integrates with and manages Microsoft SQL Server, download the whitepaper – Redefining Microsoft® SQL Server Data Management.

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