Cisco + Actifio

Cisco and Actifio
Cisco’s BaaS architecture offering enables service providers (SP) to offer backup and recovery services to workloads outside of the SP’s management domain that are either customer premises environments or collocated environments. In addition, SPs can offer data protection and data survivability services on workloads within the cloud provider’s VPC environment and management domain. The Backup & Recovery solutions described in the CVD are designed to provide a new set of related capabilities allowing Cisco data center-based providers to enhance their addressable market, financial performance, and differentiation versus commodity cloud solutions.

End-User Consumable Services

The key end-user consumable services enabled by this development effort, offered by an SP on an aaS (as-a-service) basis, are:

Remote BaaS

Backup & Recovery for both physical and virtual servers from a customer data center to a cloud service provider’s VPC. Targeted at mid-market end-customers with 250-1000 employees, this includes Enterprise data center to SP cloud backup and recovery, where the Enterprise customer has servers and applications deployed on-premises. The SP deploys the Actifio Sky virtual appliance at the customer site. Backups occur between the Sky appliance and either another Sky appliance (Sky-to-Sky) or a CDS appliance (Sky-to-CDS) at the Cisco VMDC-based SP’s site.

Cloud BaaS

Backup & Recovery for selected virtual servers in a VPC environment. Targeted at any VPC customers (IaaS) requiring Backup & Recovery services, this includes in-cloud (SP-to-SP) backup and restoration of IaaS workloads. Here, the Enterprise customer has servers deployed at the VMDC SP’s site (hosted). The BaaS is provided between redundant SP sites. The Actifio CDS appliances are deployed at each VMDC SP site for replication, providing local backup/restore and site survivability.

Advanced BaaS Use Cases

Backup copy for devops and analytics capabilities running in the cloud environment are just a couple of the advanced BaaS use cases. For example, the Actifio CDS provides virtual data management to enable Test/Dev functionality for the Enterprise customer. These advanced use cases are applicable in either the Cloud BaaS or Remote BaaS deployments described above.


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