Common Challenges

Too much time to recover critical databases & applications such as Oracle, MS SQL, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL and others

Long backup windows impacting production application performance

Too much time and storage consumed to provision database clones for DevOps

Too much money spent on infrastructure for on-prem backup & disaster recovery

Too much complexity to migrate on-premises data to AWS RDS

Actifio Sky for AWS

Automatically protect on-premises workloads and workloads running in AWS. Replicate data to another AWS region for on-demand disaster recovery, long term data retention and on-demand database cloning.

Actifio Sky for AWS is the Actifio software made available in a virtual appliance. Organizations can leverage Actifio Sky on their own premises as well as in AWS. Those who have their own AWS accounts and are well versed with AWS infrastructure provisioning can leverage their own tools to provision AWS infrastructure on demand, and deploy Actifio Sky for AWS in that infrastructure. Organizations can use Actifio Sky for AWS to store data for long term data retention, recover application data in AWS EC2 instances, and provision virtual copies of application data sets in AWS EC2 instances for dev/test use cases.

Transform Test Data Management in AWS Environments
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Instant data recovery for mission critical applications and databases in AWS

Accelerate Backup and DR modernization using AWS

Leverage AWS S3 for long-term data retention with instant data access

Automate database cloning for DevOps using on-demand EC2

Migrate data from on-premises to AWS RDS instances

“Actifio is a core piece of our current and future IR and cloud strategy!”

  • Shrunk backup windows from 48 hours to under 6 hours
  • Faster restore speeds
  • Agile provisioning of Test /Dev environments
  • Data Security with encryption & compression capabilities
  • Provision of instant access for restore for business continuity

Security & Risk Management
$3B – $10B USD

“The speed at which we can provision large databases for dev/test is awesome.”

DBA, Finance Industry
$50M – $250M USD

“We went all-in with AWS, and were previously using EBS snapshots as our primary backup strategy for 300+ TB of data. We’re now using Actifio Sky and it has reduced our TCO significantly. We are now able to recover multi-TB databases instantly and retain backups for multiple years in S3 with instant access. It has also allowed us to leverage existing backups to provision self-service virtual DB thin clones in minutes”

— Gartner peer Insights, VP Cloud Services, Media Industry ($3B – $10B)

aws backup

Recover Multi-Terabyte Data in Minutes (SAP HANA, MS SQL, and more)

Actifio Sky running in AWS EC2 uses Elastic Block Storage (EBS) to store backup data replicated from on-premises Actifio Sky. It incorporates powerful data virtualization technology to instantly mount backup data to on-demand EC2 instances and delivers low Recovery Time Objectives (RTO.

Actifio Sky includes deep integration with Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases to deliver on-demand instant recoveries in AWS, even for very large 50+ TB sized databases.

Actifio Sky delivers RTOs in minutes vs traditional backup products which can take hours or even days

aws backup

Satisfy Long Term Data Retention Needs

For data that must be stored for days or months, Actifio Sky can use AWS EBS HDD and/or SSD class storage. For retention of years or decades, Actifio Sky can use AWS S3 (Standard and Infrequent Access) storage.

Actifio Sky delivers the unique ability to instantly access data stored in AWS S3 Object Storage irrespective of whether the data is days or decades old. Traditional backup products will typically require hours or days to access the same data due to rehydration penalties associated with deduplication.

Secure Data with Encryption and Satisfy Compliance Needs

All data is encrypted using AES256 when replicated to S3 storage or remote Actifio Sky instances in EC2. Data is also encrypted at rest in both S3 and EBS. Actifio also provides role based access controls and an audit trail for added security. To satisfy your compliance needs, AWS has a very broad certification list such as ISO, SOC, PCI DSS, FIPS, FedRAMP etc.

aws backup

Clone Multi-Terabyte Databases in Minutes for DevOps

Data protected by Actifio Sky in EBS volumes can also be leveraged to provision new virtual server instances, instantly.  Database clones can be created and presented on-demand for Dev, QA, UAT, analytics or other test environments. Sky also incorporates developer self-service to automate DevOps operations.

Actifio virtual clones are read/write enabled and are highly space efficient. Incremental disk capacity is only consumed when the virtual database clones are modified.

Other backup products typically take hours or days to create physical clones with 10x or more storage required in test environments.

“Longtime customer. Even happier today than when we started!”

“Sales and professional services staff have been consistently exceptional over our six year relationship.  The various flavors of Actifio we’ve implemented over the years have been remarkable.  Managing our copy data, including data residing at our DR site, have been exceptionally straightforward and become and integrated part of hoe we work”

CIO, Finance Industry
$3B-$10B USD

Enabling Data as a Service with Actifio

“The product is amazing.  It drastically improves our internal processes for backing up large databases and allows us to create self-service copies of very large databases on demand.  Drastically reduces time to provision copies from 18 hours to 15 minutes.  We have also reduced our storage footprint by 50%.

DBA, Retail Industry
$30B+ USD

Reduce Backup Window

After the first full backup, Actifio performs application consistent incremental forever backups for everything i.e. Oracle, SAP HANA, MS SQL, PostgreSQL & other databases, VMs, physical servers and NAS filers. This process reduces the backup window by up to 10x and significantly decreases the storage IO and network IO of production applications.

Actifio’s incremental forever model dramatically accelerates the protection of multi TB databases and large files systems. This approach is radically faster and less impactful on applications than traditional protection approaches that rely on weekly full and daily incremental backups.

Learn the real costs of AWS backup using EBS snapshots

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SLA Driven, Application Consistent Backups

Actifio Sky includes deep integration with various databases such as Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and applications such as SAP HANA, Oracle EBS, MS Exchange and Sharepoint.  This integration ensures application consistent backups. For example – Actifio Sky uses SAP HANA APIs, Oracle RMAN for Oracle databases and Microsoft VSS snapshot for Windows based applications.

For large and geographically distributed environments, Actifio Global Manager (AGM) provides a single pane of glass to manage multiple systems.  AGM allows you to configure backup, replication and retention SLAs for applications in multiple data centers and cloud regions.

Migrate from on-premises to RDS

Migration of on-premises data to AWS RDS is simple and efficient with Actifio. Replicate data to Actifio Sky running in an AWS EC2 instance. Mount data instantly to an EC2 instance and then use native RDS tools to load data from the Actifio mount to RDS engines like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Reference Architecture

aws backup

Actifio Sky uses the following various components of AWS:

  1. AWS EC2: In scenarios where a remote Actifio Sky instance is needed for data retention or instant recovery purposes, Actifio Sky can run in M3.XLarge, C4.2XLarge, M4.4XLarge or R3.4XLarge instances
  2. AWS EBS: Within Actifio Sky running in EC2, Actifio Sky can use HDD or SSD class EBS storage depending on your performance needs for disaster recovery or dev test
  3. AWS S3: When data needs to be stored for many years or decades, Actifio Sky running on-premises can directly replicate the data to AWS S3 (Standard or Infrequent Access) object storage

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Actifio different from other backup products?
Actifio performs incremental forever backups for all data types including databases.  This approach reduces backup windows and decreases the impact on production applications by up to 10x. Other backup products force a full backup at least once a week resulting in extended backup windows and significant application impact.  Actifio offers instant recoveries for all data in AWS cloud. Other products suffer with long RTO recoveries because of restoring (think copying) data from backup images to recovery servers.  Actifio has the ability to reuse backup images to provision instant, scalable, storage optimized virtual database clones to on-demand AWS EC2 instances for DevOps teams. This is a unique capability for Actifio Sky.  Actifio can store data in object storage for many years / decades, and deliver instant access to backup images that are days old or decades old. Other backup products have to rehydrate data from their dedup formatted data on object storage which can take hours or even days.


Why are recoveries from Actifio Sky instant and scalable?
Actifio Sky stores backup images in native application format in EBS volumes. During recoveries to on-demand AWS EC2 instances, Actifio Sky does NOT restore data from its backup images to EC2 instances. Instead Actifio Sky provides an instant mount of backup images to EC2 instances over iSCSI. Thus even 50+ TB data volumes can be mounted instantly. Recoveries are scalable as well because instant mounts are performed off backup images stored in native application format, instead of dedup format.


Does Actifio Sky store data in deduplicated format?
Yes, based on SLAs, Actifio can also store data in very efficient deduplicated format to reduce storage utilization for data retention needs that span multiple weeks, months or even years.


When is object storage vs EBS recommended?
For data that needs to be stored for multiple years, object storage is recommended. If scalable instant recovery is needed for the data, it’s advisable for the data to be stored in EBS as well.


Can Actifio Sky replicate data from on-premises directly to AWS S3?
Yes. Actifio Sky deployed on-premises can protect data locally and then replicate data to AWS S3 Standard or AWS S3 Standard Infrequent Access storage.


Can Actifio Sky replicate data from on-premises to another Actifio Sky running in AWS?
Yes. Actifio Sky can be provisioned in AWS EC2 instances and be used as a replication target. Actifio Sky running in AWS EC2 instance uses EBS to store data.


Can Actifio Sky replicate data from one AWS region to another AWS region?
Yes. Actifio Sky can protect data in one AWS region and replicate to another Actifio Sky running in another AWS region.


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