Virtualize Your Data with Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline

The heart of the Actifio platform is the Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP), which virtualizes copy data, eliminating redundancies and re-purposing unique data for multiple data management applications. VDP efficiently captures a single copy or “gold copy” of data from production and reuses that data for multiple purposes, allowing applications to directly access the data from the Actifio platform without any physical data movement.

By introducing virtualization to data management, Actifio delivers an application-centric, SLA-driven solution that decouples the management of copy data from storage, network, and server infrastructure.

Key Features of Virtual Data Pipeline Make Actifio the Most Advanced Enterprise Data Management Technology Available Today.

Cloud Native

Manage your data in the cloud with instant access for recovery and analytics

Cloud Mobile

Manage your on-premises physical servers and cloud VMs with replication & recovery in any cloud.. instantly

Cloud Object

Manage on-premises and cloud data using object storage for long-term data retention and access data instantly, even for transactional workloads

Cloud Search

Search and restore your data from any data center, any cloud

Cloud  Engage

Always-on user engagement for analytics, training, and documentation

Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline is Delivered as a Virtual Appliance 

and can run in virtually any public cloud.  Physical appliance options are available and the two platforms work together transparently.

Actifio is Storage, Compute & Cloud Agnostic

and can support any backend storage system or compute infrastructure.  Incremental forever and instant access Virtual Data Pipeline.

Virtual Data Pipeline Fully Integrates with Object Storage

and can provide incremental forever data capture and instant access to data stored in the object storage.  Both cloud and on-premises object storage options and supported.

Actifio Captures Application Data in its Native Format

ensuring the system can later provide instant access to the data, without the time and performance penalty of data transformation.

1 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Native Format

After First Capture, Actifio Ingests Only Unique Change Blocks

minimizing data movement, dramatically accelerating time to capture, and reducing the burden on the production application.

2 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Change Blocks

Change Blocks Are Applied To Virtual Copies Via Incremental Merge

delivering instantly accessible point-in-time data, without consuming the equivalent storage that would be required for physical copies.

3 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Incremental Merge

Data Is Managed Via Policies Set In The  Actifio SLA Architect

which defines sophisticated data capture and data flows across multiple use cases, technology environments, and even across locations. This enables the creation of data service catalogs, adherence to data governance, and the tracking of SLA compliance.

5 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_SLA Architect

Workflows Collapse Multiple, Disparate, Time-Consuming Steps Into Single-Click Automated Tasks

creating the basis for self-service automation and reducing reliance on scripts and human factors. This enables the orchestration of activities to support rapid manipulation and provisioning of data for development, testing, QA, pre-production, analytics, and dozens of other use cases, each with their own unique requirements and associated tasks.

6 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Workflows

In a Software-Defined Data Center, Programmed Controlled And Extension is Best Fulfilled Via a RESTful API

which opens the power of the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline platform to service providers, end-users, 3rd party ISVs and other platform vendors.

7 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Restful API

As data virtualization environments grow across data centers, geographies and even clouds,

Global Manager Ensures Unified, Consistent Management, Improving Operational Efficency.

8 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Global Manager

Actifio Presents a Read/Write Virtual Data Copy Instantly, to Either a Virtual or Physical Host, Via Instant Mount Operations

which eliminates unnecessary data movement and gives access to large data sets for any purpose in minutes.

9 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Instant Mount

Live Clone is an Incrementally Refreshed Clone of Point-In-Time Production Data That Is Updated on a Scheduled Basis

enabling in-place data transformation (such as data masking) that can be maintained even as data is refreshed with changes from production.

10 Actifio VDP Web Diagrams_Live Clone

Actifio’s Provides Flexible Replication Options

to optimize speed and recovery.  Options include deduplication enabled replication for maximum bandwidth efficiency , StreamSnap for shortest recovery times and OnVault for maximum cost savings.

Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline Transforms Data Management

Taken together, all of the core features of Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline deliver an application-centric, SLA-driven solution that decouples the management of data from storage, network and server infrastructure. The result is a single, radically simple solution, efficiently virtualizing all copies of production data for instant backup, disaster recovery, application test and development, and much more.

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Additional Infomation

Virtual Data Pipeline is leveraged to deliver enterprise solutions or power new cloud based services, see our section on Solutions Architecture.



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