Bridging the Technology Gap with Hybrid IT

This guest post was written by Janine Benoit, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing at Sungard Availability Services.

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Why the Network of Services and Technology Partners Delivers

Partners are integral to our business. And, increasingly, we are integral to theirs. One particularly proud example is Sungard Availability Services, who last month named Actifio as their “Breakout Technology Partner of the Year”. Awards are always appreciated but what’s more important to us is the recognition of Actifo’s value in helping to make service providers like Sungard successful in their businesses, and in helping their customers to be better protected, more productive and more successful as well.

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Sungard Availability Services Is Using Actifio to Leverage AWS, Not Fight It

These are interesting times in the cloud service provider business. While it’s true that the commoditization of infrastructure has more and more enterprise customers shifting workloads into the cloud, those same market forces are driving prices down across the service provider landscape. Combine declining prices with a capital-intensive delivery model, and you have a recipe for challenging cash flows across the industry.

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