Elements of DevOps: Boosting the Efficiency of Application Development

Applications are central to efficient and successful operation of every business and government agency. Essential success depends upon the attributes of Speed, Quality, Control, and Cost. Speed is fundamental to timely execution of objectives. Quality is vital to successful implementation and long-term viability. Control, the command of data use, security, access, and process is crucial to safe operations. And cost, of course, is a pivotal consideration in nearly all budget decisions.

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Enterprise Conversations

As we have customer conversations about data virtualization - smart data - a predictable pattern emerges. Discussions turn quickly from cost, to speed, to operational simplicity, and a desire to capture the value of cloud operating models. For enterprise leadership, the transformational benefits of cloud and virtual environments are viewed as an essential competitive lever. That has them searching to satisfy requirements for data movement - mobility, agility, migration, and consolidation. Most often they’re already underway with virtualized compute and networking. But now they’ve encountered the data challenge – exploding expense for too many data copies with no acceptable way to directly manage data access and movement. Their drive to transform has hit a serious roadblock.

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Elements of DevOps: Speed

Classical elements were once seen across many cultures as the vital parts and principles that govern the fundamental distillation of everything essential to life. In western culture those elements were Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The concept helped philosophers to organize their worldviews – to think about what is important and create a construct for understanding the world.

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