Eversource CIO Named Boston CIO of the Year 2017, Talks Data with Actifio

We’re back with one of our favorite women in tech (aside from me, of course), Katherine Kountze! This powerhouse has been quite the successful leader in tech as she won the 2017 Boston CIO of the Year ORBIE Award for Enterprise as the Senior VP and CIO of Eversource and effectively spearheaded a merger between six different operating companies. Holy cow was that a task! Check out her insight on the merger process and its challenges below as well as her thoughts on design thinking, data analytics, and data protection.

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Data Driven Predictions – An Interview with Rhonda Gass, VP and CIO of Stanley Black and Decker

This month we present Rhonda Gass, VP and CIO of Stanley Black and Decker, and former Vice President of IT Strategy, Technology and Governance for Dell Corporation, for a lively discussion of strategy; how to balance your investments as a CIO and the possibilities of data driven predictions.

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Innovation Everywhere – A Chat about Cloud, Devops and Cyber Security with John D Halamka, MD, MS

So, here I am, Kim the intern, introducing John D. Halamka, MD, MS, Chief Information Officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chief Information Officer and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School, Chairman of the New England Health Electronic Data Interchange Network (NEHEN), CEO of MA-SHARE (the Regional Health Information Organization), Chair of the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), and a practicing Emergency Physician. Oh, but wait. There’s more. He’s also Harvard's Chair, Endowed Chair, as he might add, of Healthcare Innovation. Wondering what that means? So was I, and let me tell you, it’s certainly much more impressive than my groundbreaking title of “intern”. Keep reading and Halamka himself will further explain. In the very first of our interview series, we will also delve into a discussion surrounding some spectacular innovations, the cloud, cyber security, application development, and more. Enjoy!

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Featured Actifian: Madhav Mutalik

Actifio is chock full of talented people. To showcase some of the amazing talent we have here, Actifio will highlight a particular employee—an Actifian if you will—that is a virtuoso in his or her chosen field. We’ll learn how these incredible individuals help Actifio flourish, as well as what occupies their time when they’re not in the office. For this second feature, read up about Actifio Fellow and company employee #3, Madhav Mutalik.

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