How the Industrial Internet of Things Will Change the Way We Work

We’ve talked before about changes that come with new ways of thinking and waves of new technology. We also know that some of these are changes that completely rework how industries, economies, even whole societies are transformed. So, what can we predict about the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly the Industrial IoT? It’s becoming clearer just how big this shift will be. So, how do we need to think about or do things differently? Standing at the start of the industrial revolution it was probably pretty difficult to predict just how far it would go, how much it would change everything. Does IoT have the same potential for change?

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How the Internet of Things Will Create a Deluge of Data

There are times when a sleepy late-night hunger attack may cause some of us to speak to our refrigerators, loudly if that last piece of blueberry pie has gone missing. But do we expect the fridge to talk back? Someday it might. For now, most of us are content that our appliances stay quiet. In fact, only about a third of survey responses show interest in “The Digital Home.” And that interest is primarily in fire detection, security, and energy monitoring. So it isn’t surprising that the sleepy pace of consumer adoption for the Internet of Things (IOT) may have masked growing business adoption. Big time business adoption.

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