Why Governments Are Shedding IT Infrastructure & Virtualizing Their Data

It’s less politics than it is pragmatism. Government agencies want to move toward a greater cloud presence, but they need to manage mountains of data to get there. At every level of government; federal, state and local, the pressure is on to reduce expenses and improve efficiency. Cloud is seen as a great way to help do it. At the same time, services need to function effectively. And government agencies, along with the public they serve, require easy, direct, and agile information access. And the mountain grows.

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Government Data Centers Meet The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

At roughly $80 billion in annual spending, the US Federal Government is the world’s largest consumer of information technology. That budget funds pervasive IT use across hundreds of agencies (nobody is certain how many). To better manage the extraordinary costs, in December 2014 Congress enacted the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). This isn't their first attempt at control. Back in 1996, there was the Clinger–Cohen Act (CCA), formerly the Information Technology Management Reform (ITMRA), that was intended to improve federal government acquisition, use, and disposal of IT resources. And of course, in 2010, there was the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) started by the Information Officers Council (IOC) and later merged with PortfolioStat.

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What is Copy Data Management? – Trouble With Tribbles

By John Gilroy, Director, BLT - In 1967 Captain James Kirk was perplexed with rapidly multiplying bundles of fur called “Tribbles.”  Here in 2014, our “Trouble with Tribbles,” involves copies of data. In most environments, you may keep a production copy of your data and then make a few copies for data protection, information sharing, analysis, or perhaps compliance. Hard drives have gotten cheap, virtualization has made them larger and the net effect is that copying data had gotten out of control.

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