Enterprise Conversations

As we have customer conversations about data virtualization - smart data - a predictable pattern emerges. Discussions turn quickly from cost, to speed, to operational simplicity, and a desire to capture the value of cloud operating models. For enterprise leadership, the transformational benefits of cloud and virtual environments are viewed as an essential competitive lever. That has them searching to satisfy requirements for data movement - mobility, agility, migration, and consolidation. Most often they’re already underway with virtualized compute and networking. But now they’ve encountered the data challenge – exploding expense for too many data copies with no acceptable way to directly manage data access and movement. Their drive to transform has hit a serious roadblock.

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Reflections on a week in the cloud

We just returned from a great week in Austin, Texas after a conference that went far beyond the ordinary. eCloud Summit 2015 brought hundreds of senior tech executives from the world’s top enterprises, cloud service providers, and enabling technology companies together in Austin for two days of ideas and conversation about the move to the enterprise cloud. It is rare when so many senior people gather for such a conversation. Rarer still are the occasions when executives who could be considered competitors of each other are willing to share their thoughts on an important strategic imperative so openly. Lucky for us they did.

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eCloud Summit. Serving the enterprise cloud.

Today we announced an eCloud Summit to take place in Austin about a month from now. The event will bring together a few hundred top execs across three key constituencies with a big stake in the emerging "enterprise cloud": Global Enterprises, Service Providers, and Enabling Technologies. There are plenty of cloud conferences focused on the plumbing of this change, of course, but we couldn't find one built for top execs. So we built it.

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