Elements of DevOps: Boosting the Efficiency of Application Development

Applications are central to efficient and successful operation of every business and government agency. Essential success depends upon the attributes of Speed, Quality, Control, and Cost. Speed is fundamental to timely execution of objectives. Quality is vital to successful implementation and long-term viability. Control, the command of data use, security, access, and process is crucial to safe operations. And cost, of course, is a pivotal consideration in nearly all budget decisions.

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Elements of DevOps: Cost

Cost is always an essential element. And it’s not unusual for customers to see expected costs for projected storage additions evaporate after an Actifio deployment. It typically starts first in the realm of excess copy data being eliminated from backup or disaster recovery.

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Elements of DevOps: Control

The third of our four essential application development elements is Control. It means quite simply that data is available to authorized users for sanctioned purposes and fully restricted from any unauthorized use or for any unauthorized purpose.

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Elements of DevOps: Quality

The transition of application development to a comprehensive DevOps environment is a natural but not necessarily smooth progression and Quality is no less important than Speed. The intent is simple; accelerate quality software development. Catch and fix bugs early. Minimize last minute surprises. Release products on time.

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Elements of DevOps: Speed

Classical elements were once seen across many cultures as the vital parts and principles that govern the fundamental distillation of everything essential to life. In western culture those elements were Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The concept helped philosophers to organize their worldviews – to think about what is important and create a construct for understanding the world.

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