Save IT. Save the Planet.

Efficient IT. It can address multiple pressing needs. But it requires a different way of thinking. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to realize your self-interest in a healthy environment. You don’t have to be a conservationist to know that conserving energy also conserves cash. Along with global warming, these have become politically charged topics. However, in terms of IT, there are some very practical ways to view them as means to improve efficiency and help manage your budget.

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Simplicity is Power – Actifio and the FDCCI

By Andrew Gilman – Sr. Dir. of Corporate and Channel Marketing – We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with public agencies over the past several years – extending the unique cost/time/efficiency benefits of our copy data virtualization platform to organizations with unique mandates and specifications around security.  Some of these opportunities were highlighted by Meritalk this summer, where they found that Actifio’s copy data platform could help agencies satisfy their Federal Data Center Consolidation (FDCCI) requirements AND save over $16B.

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What is Copy Data Management? – Trouble With Tribbles

By John Gilroy, Director, BLT - In 1967 Captain James Kirk was perplexed with rapidly multiplying bundles of fur called “Tribbles.”  Here in 2014, our “Trouble with Tribbles,” involves copies of data. In most environments, you may keep a production copy of your data and then make a few copies for data protection, information sharing, analysis, or perhaps compliance. Hard drives have gotten cheap, virtualization has made them larger and the net effect is that copying data had gotten out of control.

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