Orange is the new Black in Application Development

For a moment, put yourself solely in the shoes of an application ‘end-user.’

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High-Fidelity Data & The Myth Busters

High-fidelity. For audio, it means minimal distortion in sound reproduction. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the “Hi-fi” as a high-end vinyl record player. Before “stereo” the best sound available was “Hi-fi”. Audiophiles still use the term to define sound that is reproduced accurately, exactly.

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Data Virtualization, Backups, and the Reduction of Stress-Test-Stress

We start with data backup. We always start with backup, using a unique platform that virtualizes data and manages dramatic reductions in the number of data copies. We don’t stop there, but that’s where we always start.

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Welcome Change

Information Technology gives us a great vantage point to observe the paradox of change. On one side, is the constant movement toward new applications, new technologies, new possibilities. They push relentlessly, with increasing urgency and speed. On the other side, we see reluctance, a comfort with how things are. Resistance to change is expressed as understandable caution, conservative uncertainty. Any variance is a potential threat, an obstacle, an unknown for organizations, policies, individuals.

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