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Actifio GO – the Copy Data Management SaaS Platform

Over 9 years ago, we did the pioneering research in identifying that Copy Data was not only the source of exploding storage costs, but also the source of exponentially increasing time needed to protect and recover data, time needed to allow developers and analytics to access data, and the time needed to ensure governance and compliance of data. On an average, 13 copies of production data were being stored in individual silos of storage systems and at least 8 different tools were being used to manage lifecycle of data.

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Folks, Dedupe isn’t Copy Data Management – Copy Data Corner Chapter 3

When you explain the tenets of Copy Data Management (CDM) to someone in IT –particularly someone in the backup and recovery space – there is a pretty common reaction: “I already have CDM since I use dedupe”.  This reaction isn’t surprising since the dedupe appliance market leader, Dell EMC, likes to co-opt industry terms and bend them into a shape resembling their own offerings.  This same perspective – incorrect, mind you – is propagated by all other vendors with deduplication built into their appliances, software, storage arrays, etc.  

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Data on demand

Data On-Demand

Copy Data Corner Chapter 2: Data On-Demand

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Actifio Continues to Pioneer the Future of Copy Data Management | Guest Blog – Jason Buffington – ESG Group

Data Management is undeniably the future of Data Protection (and not just “better backup”), meaning that the days of simply making copies in case bad things happen are quickly waning.

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The Unfair Edge of Data Virtualization

No, we’re not suggesting that you should cheat. But it’s interesting how often our customers thank us for providing them an awesome competitive edge. It’s so transformative “that it almost seems unfair.” One customer, a premier investor, handles extremely large data pools to be staged, shared, examined, managed and protected. They were struggling to stay cost effective, but still gain the required flexibility, simplicity and scale. Now, using Actifio, they expect to achieve as much as 75% in cost reductions over 5yrs. As important, their data management issues are being smoothly resolved: “Actifio is the first solution robust enough to handle any type of data management need and elegant enough to allow the business to define SLAs and then click auto pilot and the technology just works.”

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