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Data On-Demand

Copy Data Corner Chapter 2: Data On-Demand

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Actifio Continues to Pioneer the Future of Copy Data Management | Guest Blog – Jason Buffington – ESG Group

Data Management is undeniably the future of Data Protection (and not just “better backup”), meaning that the days of simply making copies in case bad things happen are quickly waning.

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The Unfair Edge of Data Virtualization

No, we’re not suggesting that you should cheat. But it’s interesting how often our customers thank us for providing them an awesome competitive edge. It’s so transformative “that it almost seems unfair.” One customer, a premier investor, handles extremely large data pools to be staged, shared, examined, managed and protected. They were struggling to stay cost effective, but still gain the required flexibility, simplicity and scale. Now, using Actifio, they expect to achieve as much as 75% in cost reductions over 5yrs. As important, their data management issues are being smoothly resolved: “Actifio is the first solution robust enough to handle any type of data management need and elegant enough to allow the business to define SLAs and then click auto pilot and the technology just works.”

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