Cloud Brokers – Cloud Sommeliers

If you love wine, you know about making decisions. Narrowing down. Red, white or sparkling? California, Italian or French? Ahh, monsieur prefers Bordeaux? Medoc or St. Emilion? Chateau Figeac ou Clous Fourtet? Le 2001 ou 2005? What goes best with duck? How about the house wine? Where is that Sommelier?

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Cloud Transitions – People First

The first step in cloud adoption isn’t about the technology. It’s about the people. It may seem a bit obvious, but when most cloud discussion centers on technology, it’s a point worth repeating. At our eCloud Summit the emphasis on the people proposition was made with persistent emphasis.

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Going to the Cloud: Technical Challenges

The Actifio eCloud Summit took place mid-February in Austin Texas. For those of us living around Boston, it was more than an intellectual event. We were escaping from eight feet of snow and below zero temperatures. If only for a few days, we enjoyed warmer weather and some fascinating insights into the current state of Cloud Computing. One of the clearest messages was that cloud isn’t as easy as it may at first appear, especially at enterprise scale.

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Going to the Cloud: Business Challenges

During the recent Actifio eCloud Summit the point brought home from nearly every presenter and panel was that enterprise cloud deployments aren’t necessarily simple. Of course individuals or small project initiatives can take advantage of easy access to Amazon or Microsoft or any number of other cloud service offerings. But that won’t satisfy complex enterprise application requirements. Not without a good deal of planning.

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A Brief History of Copy Data [VIDEO]

We asked our founder and CEO, Ash Ashutosh to explain the history and background of Copy Data and why it’s the founding vision behind Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform.

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