Transform Your Business with Data Virtualization: A Four Step Process

This post was initially written for Datanami; the original can be found here.

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Cascading Benefits

Big dreams. We all know a business that started with one powerful idea, a dream that continued to build impressive successes from unexpected and subtle origins. It’s not just a matter of growth but of connecting the dots to related opportunities. Entire new ventures are fueled by what is learned in the initial undertaking. It takes imagination, innovation and, most of all, openness to the cascading benefits of new ideas.

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Insurance Insurance

Insurance companies need insurance. In effect, that’s how they look at us. Every Insurance business needs to protect their data efficiently and economically. They also need to comply with seemingly endless streams of new and existing regulations. All of them dense. Of course they’re usually in business to make a profit so they need to do that while grooming their public image, managing risk, and taking advantage of every opportunity to grow.

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