Spreading the Joy of Backup

At Actifio, we’re all about the data. Your data. How you manage it, use it, share it, protect it. And, coming away from our participation in a recent Gartner enterprise IT event, I’m amazed at how frustrated so many enterprises remain in accomplishing each of these essentials. Again and again visitors to our booth made it clear that the challenges of Backup/DR have not been solved for the vast majority. They aren’t happy with the complexity, cost and resources consumed. They’re fed up with the proliferation of disparate uncoordinated tools. And, most of all, they’re exasperated by poor performance. Backups take forever and recovery even longer – if it works at all.

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Think Different: How to Modernize Modern Data Backup

Breakthroughs begin with new thinking. Last September marked the eighteenth anniversary of Apple’s “Think different” marketing campaign. Featuring pictures of Edison, Picasso, Rosa Parks, Einstein, Maria Callas and other well-known thinkers, we were encouraged to join in, to “Think different” – to stand out from a crowd. Few would dispute that Apple has successfully done that for nearly two decades. Thomas Watson’s famous “THINK” signs posted all over NCR and later, IBM, supposedly inspired the slogan. The implication being that Watson would agree with Jobs in honoring “the ones who see things differently”, because “they invent, they explore, they create.” “Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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Welcome Change

Information Technology gives us a great vantage point to observe the paradox of change. On one side, is the constant movement toward new applications, new technologies, new possibilities. They push relentlessly, with increasing urgency and speed. On the other side, we see reluctance, a comfort with how things are. Resistance to change is expressed as understandable caution, conservative uncertainty. Any variance is a potential threat, an obstacle, an unknown for organizations, policies, individuals.

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