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Actifio Delivers Transformational Business Value.

Committed to Results.


Expert, Global, and Always On.

Relationship Driven.

With Actifio’s relentless focus on delivering transformational business value to our customers, our primary goal is to make sure you are successful, deriving value from our software and getting ROI.

That means much more than having a good team to handle your support cases. For us, Customer Success means architecting the way we help our customers to be:

your personalized success

Built around your success.

The foundation for your success begins before you become a customer. Our solution architects work with you to scope your Actifio solution to serve the targeted use cases for your applications’ data and the service level agreements (SLAs) you want for those applications.

Implemented to your requirements.

Our Global Services team then deploys that custom-defined solution in alignment with your needs. Before the implementation process is completed, your Actifio solution will be demonstrated to show it is meeting your implementation goals. Simultaneously, your team will access free online Actifio University training or optional live Training Courses.

Hands-on support of your system.

Actifio uses a number of critical remote access and reporting capabilities that allow our Customer Success team to see exactly what’s going on in your system. Our team then tailors their approach to your environment – whether it’s helping with a standard software updates or troubleshooting.

Insight for you.

With the system reporting data, our Customer Success team can provide you Actifio Insight Reports, summarized trend views on your system health with recommendations for your administration teams.


Committed to results.

Validated Deployment – We won’t declare an implementation complete until we’ve not just met your criteria, but come back 3 TIMES to validate that your deployment is performing as desired.

We want every Actifio proposal to include a TCO/ROI analysis that you believe.  That’s not unique, but our process is to actually follow up on the project goals to make sure we’re meeting or beating expectations.

More Services to Help – If you need extra help to meet your business goals – whether it’s with large-scale customized live training classes, starting up a DRAAS service offering, more manpower or consulting services for a major migration, we have a portfolio of services and the experts to deliver them.

Relationship Driven.

Our secret: Long-term focus. We want to provide you high-value solutions for years to come.  That means that we don’t just care about making one sale. We are relationship people; we want to know and help you for decades.

Our goal: Your success.  We want to make you so successful with you first implementation of the platform (often for data protection & disaster recovery) that you will find more applications and use cases for Actifio, to get more leverage from your investment.

In this way, our business grows only when you get more value out of your Actifio investment.

Expert, global, and always on.

Expert – For the record, we fully support all elements of the Actifio solution: Hardware, software and services with an elite squad of Customer Success Engineers (CSEs) and Customer Success Architects. This team has the experience and training to tackle complex touch points between our Copy Data Virtualization platform and other application, networking, compute, storage & cloud technologies.

Global & Always-On – Our CSEs and Architects live on four continents, solving issues for clients worldwide, 24x7x365, in a follow-the-sun approach.

Rapid Help – Always Online – We know that quick answers are often the best answers.  You can get much of information you need rapidly and directly from our Customer Portal.  It houses a robust, practical & expanding knowledge base, videos and other educational resources, including Actifio University