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Actifio GO Copy Data Management SaaS Platform


SaaS platform for VMs, physical servers and databases to backup and recover data in any public cloud.

Actifio GO is a SaaS platform for VM, physical and database backup and recovery to any cloud such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Wasabi. Enterprises can use the Actifio GO SaaS platform to deliver cloud-based backup and recovery for on-premises and cloud workloads. Actifio GO SaaS platform consists of three components:

Actifio GO SaaS Cloud which helps with registration, deployment, reporting and enables Enterprises to set up and monitor backup SLAs.

Actifio Sky data mover software that provides backup and recovery to cloud object storage.

Cloud Object Storage where the Enterprise can utilize their cloud account of choice (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Wasabi).

Actifio GO for Google Cloud: Actifio GO provides enterprise-class backup and recovery for GCP resident and on-premises workloads. Actifio GO for Google Cloud is now available.


“Actifio GO SaaS has helped us eliminate our on-premises DR infrastructure, cut costs with its unique ops-free technology to backup everything, including a very large MS SQL Server Database, in an incremental forever manner to public could object storage.”

They also have a unique automated capability to instant mount backups from the cloud object storage back to on-premises or in the cloud that reduces our RTO dramatically to minutes”

Miguel Martinez. Acting CIO, AptivaRx

The Proven Enterprise Class Copy Data Management SaaS Platform



How Actifio GO helps enterprises.

Zero Data Center Storage

Eliminates data center storage by utilizing cloud object storage, therefore eliminating CAPEX costs.

Zero Capacity Management Burden for Ops

Cloud object storage is infinitely scalable which means no complicated storage calculations and operational burden when adding more storage.

Zero Upgrade Headaches for Ops:

Actifio GO SaaS platform takes care of all software updates, therefore reducing OPEX costs.

No Barrier to Modernize BaaS

Get Started in 1 Hour. Actifio Go SaaS platform is extremely simple to use: Register, Download, Deploy, and Protect workloads like VMs, databases and physical servers in 1 hour.

Simple Subscription Pricing

Actifio GO offers simple annual subscription pricing. With zero data center storage and low ops burden, Actifio GO helps Enterprises achieve the lowest TCO possible.

Enterprise-class backup and recovery for Google Cloud, now available in the Google Marketplace.

Actifio GO at a glance.

Actifio GO is a Copy Data Management as-a-service platform. This SaaS platform delivers Backup, DR, enables analytics, database cloning for DevOps, and migration to cloud. Actifio GO is the ONLY SaaS platform that enables enterprises to backup and recover on-premises and cloud VMs to all cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM. It’s a true enterprise grade multi-cloud SaaS platform for backup, recovery, test data management, cloud migration, and cloud analytics.

Additionally, for VMware, Actifio GO SaaS is the industry’s FIRST technology that delivers incremental forever backups of VMs directly to any cloud object storage platform with no data center storage needs. It is also the FIRST technology that can mount and recover VMs directly from cloud object storage without needing to fully copy data from the cloud to the data center. Recover and access these VMs in minutes instead of hours or days. reducing the total cost of ownership and operational burden significantly as compared to any other backup software.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Test Data Management as a Service

Workloads – VMware, Physical, Oracle, SAP HANA, MS SQL, Progress, PostgreSQL DBs

Clouds – AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Wasabi


Actifio GO is a one-of-a-kind SaaS offering which enables Enterprises to implement cloud-based backup, DR, analytics, database cloning for DevOps, and migration for cloud and on-premises workloads.


Self-service sign up, push button deployment and central management. Simple and easy to use SaaS platform to deliver backup and recovery of large eneterprise environments.


Incremental forever backup to cloud storage. Small and efficient backup window.


Backup VMware VMs directly to cloud object storage with no local storage needed in the data center. Eliminates data center storage costs and storage capacity / lifecycle management complexity. Optional local cache is available for other workloads.


SLA driven data retention from days to decades in cloud object storage. Satisfy compliance needs with long term data retention.


Encrypt data in transit and at rest. Ensure data is safe over the network and at rest in cloud object storage.


Instant mount and recovery from cloud to data center. Mount enterprise workloads instantly from any point-in-time directly from cloud storage to the data center and recover in minutes.


Google-like search catalog for file / folder restore directly from cloud storage to data center. Simple and fast file / folder granular restores.


Protect 1000s of VMware VMs with very small compute requirements, for example: 1000 VMs with 8 cores and 48 GB memory. Significant reduction in TCO, capacity management, and lifecycle management

Get started today with a 14-day free trial of Actifio GO.

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Actifio GO Pricing Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Actifio GO Signup & Deployment

The user is prompted to download a deployment utility. This utility helps install the various components of the Actifio GO solution. Alternatively, the user can also invoke a web based wizard to install the solution components within their cloud environment.

Actifio GO solution consists of three components:

  • A deployment utility: This is a software installer used to deploy on premesis data mover
  • Actifio Global Manager: The management plane that will be installed and managed by Actifio in Actifio Cloud
  • Data mover: A VM appliance that is deployed in the customer’s data center or cloud project.

Actifio Sky data mover needs very small amount of resources to protect workloads to the cloud.

Data size mentioned below is source data protected in TB.

  • 60 TB needs 6 cores and 16 GB memory
  • 120 TB needs 8 cores and 32 GB memory
  • 200 TB needs 10 cores and 48 GB memory

For environments with more than 200 TB source data, multiple Sky data movers can be provisioned.

Actifio Sky data mover backs up VMware VM data directly to cloud object storage without needing on-premises storage.

Storing on-premises backup copy is optional and can be enabled in Actifio Sky data mover. Typically enterprises enable on-premises cache for mission critical databases.

Actifio GO Supported Workloads

  1. VMware
  2. SQL Server
  4. Oracle
  5. PostgreSQL
  6. Progress
  7. File systems
Cloud object storage supported as backup target:

  1. Amazon S3 and S3-IAS
  2. Azure Blob ( Hot and Cold )
  3. Google Nearline and Coldline
  4. IBM COS
  5. Wasabi

Actifio GO Pricing Model

The pricing model has the following aspects:

  1. Available in 1, 2, 3-year subscriptions. Each year’s subscription or the total subscription can be paid upfront.
  2. A base flat fee which allows up to 50 VM protection.
  3. The pricing model is based on per protected TB at the source.
  4. 14-day free trial so that you can try and buy.
  5. Use your own cloud account. The amount of cloud object storage consumption will depend on the amount of data protected, change rate, retention and other factors. Your cloud storage provider will bill you directly for the cloud storage consumption.
  6. 4 hours of DR to cloud consulting is included as part of the pricing.


Yes. Premium support is included. Check the details here.

No. It’s not applicable for each site of an enterprise.

Cloud Infrastructure Costs

Each tenant of Actifio GO uses their own cloud account. Thus, each tenant is charged by the cloud storage provider directly.
  1. As mentioned before, the cloud vendor will charge you directly based on cloud object storage consumption. The object storage consumption is typically directly proportional to amount of data protected, data change rate, data compressibility, and most importantly the amount of backup retention.
  2. To make it easy for you to decide which cloud object storage tier to use and the approximate cloud costs per month, use this calculator to find the approximate costs.
  1. Using Actifio GO, you can restore data and recover VMs any number of times without any charges.
  2. However, your cloud provider may charge you when you access the data from cloud object storage. Continue reading below to understand the approximate costs.
Egress charges are the charges which a cloud provider charges you when 1) data is read from cloud object storage, AND 2) when data leaves the cloud to the internet.
  1. Assuming 1000 VMs protected to AWS S3 IAS object storage, 400 restore jobs per week, 500 MB restored per restore job, the monthly cost would approximate $20.00. Details below:
  2. 400 restore jobs x 500 MB per restore job = 200 GB of total data restored from the cloud.
  3. AWS S3 IAS (Infrequent Access Storage) charges $0.01 per GB for data access. Thus data access charges = $0.01 per GB x 200 GB = $2.00 per month.
  4. AWS also charges for the data that leaves AWS cloud to the internet at a rate of $0.09 per GB. Thus network costs = $0.09 per GB x 200 GB =  $18.00 per month.
  5. Thus total costs = $2.00 access charges +$18.00 egress charges = $20.00.
  1. Assuming Azure Blob Cool LRS storage was used to store backups, with each VM being 200 GB in size, when 500 VMs are recovered from Azure Blob back to on-premises, the cost would be approximately $9,800. Details below:
  2. Azure Blob Cool LRS storage charges $0.01 per GB for data access, and network egress costs are $0.087 per GB
  3. Total data required to be restored = 500 VMs x 200 GB per VM = 100 TB
  4. Access and Egress charges = ($0.01 access charges + $0.087 data egress charges) per GB x 100 TB = $9,700
  5. Assuming 1 MB object size was used for backup, # of objects read for recovering 500 VMs with 100 TB = 100 TB/1MB = 100,000,000 objects. Azure Blob cool LRS storage charges $0.01 per 10,000 Read APIs. This Read API costs = (100,000,000/10,000)*$0.01 = $100
  6. Total costs = $9,700+$100 = $9,800
  1. To recover 500 VMs on-demand with an average size of 200 GB per VM in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with each DR test running for 3 days, using Actifio’s instant mount of backups from Google Nearline storage, the total costs will be $7,195.
  2. For simplicity sake, assume all of them are RHEL and an average VM would need 4 cores and 16 GB of memory.
  3. The compute cost per day = $2,315. Thus, 3 days of testing would cost $2,315 per day x 3 days = $6,945 per DR test.
  4. With Actifio GO, you can mount data instantly from object storage without having to copy the data to block storage. Let’s assume that as part of your DR testing, you access 25% of the total data. Total data size = 500 VMs x 200 GB per VM = 100 TB. 25% of 100 TB = 25 TB. The data access charges for 25 TB = $0.01 per GB x $25 TB = $250.
  5. Total costs for each DR test = $6,945 for compute + $250 for data access = $7,195
  1. To recover 500 VMs on-demand in GCP without using Actifio instant mount, the total costs will be $9,725.
  2. As explained above for 500 VM DR in GCP, the on-demand compute costs will be $6,945 per DR test.
  3. In this use case, data needs to be ‘restored’ from object storage to cloud block storage. Assume SSD class persistent disk in GCP is used. 100 TB of SSD persistent disk storage costs $560 per day. Thus block storage costs for a DR test = $560 per day x 3 days = $1,680 per DR test.
  4. Data access charges from object storage (during restore) = 100 TB x $0.01 per GB = $1,000 per DR test.
  5. Read API costs to read 100 TB from Google Nearline Object Storage = $100
  6. Total charges per DR test = $6,945 for compute + $1,680 for block storage + $1000 for data access from object storage + $100 for Read APIs = $9,725

Note that cloud infrastructure costs will vary in different regions and might change over time.

Actifio GO Security

Each Actifio GO tenant provides their own cloud object storage account credentials. These credentials are stored on the data mover that is deployed within the tenant’s data center or cloud project.
Yes. Each Actifio GO tenant has its own dedicated management interface, Actifio Global Manager, thus ensuring total privacy. No customer can access data that is not their own.
  1. No. All the data resides in customer-owned datacenters and cloud accounts. Actifio does NOT have access to these assets.
  2. Actifio service personnel have access to the management interface, Actifio Global Manager, only for upgrades/troubleshooting, where they can view metadata about the VM’s that are being backed up but can never access the backup data.

Actifio service personnel can

  1. Perform any AGM action.
  2. Upgrade Actifio GO components such as Actifio Sky, Actifio Global Manager.
  3. View event and audit logs.
  4. Manage the hosted AGM and Portal environment.
  1. Actifio requires a background check from a third party vendor before providing access to its service personnel.
  2. Actifio also requires multi-factor authentication prior to accessing Actifio Global Manager instances.
  3. All logins and tasks in Actifio Global Manager are logged.
  1. Actifio GO stores all backup data within the tenant’s cloud accounts. Actifio GO relies on the underlying cloud infrastructure that is certified to meet the requirements. Check out the following URLs for various certifications the cloud providers have:
    1. AWS :
    2. Azure:
    3. Google :
    4. IBM :
    5. Wasabi :
  2. Actifio has contracted for a SOC Type 1 and Type 2 accreditation of the entire Actifio GO platform.
The data sent to the cloud object storage from the on-premises SKY instance is transmitted over a TLSv1.2 HTTPS connection.  All customer access to the hosted AGM component is also encrypted over a TLSv1.2 HTTPS connection.
Yes. Encryption of data at rest is dependent on the Cloud provider’s capabilities and the customer’s preferences.  For example, some cloud providers allow setting the bucket default encryption properties. This allows for all data uploaded by Actifio into the bucket to be encrypted at rest.
Actifio relies on the cloud provider side key management. Customers can setup the Cloud object buckets for encryption using the cloud vendor supported key management.
Yes. Actifio GO allows users to enable data immutability at the software layer so that even the administrators cannot delete the backups.


Yes. Actifio GO has the unique capability to mount backup image instantly from the cloud object storage back to the data center or within the cloud. For example, a 4 TB VM can be mounted for instant access in less than 2 minutes.
Yes!  Report coming soon.

Database Related

Actifio GO supports application-consistent backup of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, Progress, and PostgreSQL databases.
Yes. You can configure the entire VM to be protected to the cloud object storage without needing a local cache. However review the next question for best practices.

For backing up databases, Actifio recommends using a connector-based backup.

  1. The benefits are:
    1. Application consistent backup
    2. Incremental forever backup
    3. Instant recovery
    4. Elimination of VM stun issues
    5. Provides flexibility to recover the entire instance, or one or more individual databases in an instance.
  2. Connector-based backups require a local cache for backups. The local cache also enables you to recover these mission critical databases locally without having to pull database data from the remote cloud object storage.


Actifio GO supports a wide range of industry-leading cloud-based object storage as backup targets. For example, Amazon S3, S3 IAS, S3 One Zone all offer 99.999999999% durability (11 9s). Please refer to your preferred Cloud provider for durability information.
Google Nearline, Coldline, and IBM COS automatically do that.
Actifio GO supports inter-region replication enabled on Azure, but not on AWS.