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Actifio Powers IBM Virtual Data Pipeline


IBM Virtual Data Pipeline powered by Actifio accelerates testing and development with virtual data copies.

IBM’s powerful test data management family of solutions delivers advanced functionality like masking, subsetting and data fabrication and now database cloning.  

The portfolio of solutions enables automated test data management provisioning, transformation and orchestration of production database data to accelerate application development and accelerate time to value.

IBM Virtual Data Pipeline provides the ability to instantly provision database clones in minutes regardless of data size.  The clones are application consistent and read/write enabled.


Traditional approaches cannot meet the needs of the modern agile enterprise.


The IBM VDP solution is a critical component in IBM’s Test Data Management family of products.


The solution automates and orchestrates the creation of thin database clones and it delivers secure, virtual copies of production databases while consuming no additional storage resources.


The solution enhances other products in the Test Data Management family including masking, subsetting and fabrication offerings by delivering instant clones to be transformed.  These modified database copies can then be provisioned on-demand to developers in a self-service manner.

Frequently Asked Questions.

IBM VDP is sold through IBM direct sellers and IBM partners, and so you should contact them to learn more.  You can also contact Actifio, and we will connect you with the appropriate IBM resource.

IBM VDP provides a rich API interface which allows it to integrate with any orchestration tools.  Thus existing workflows incorporating tools like these can easily be upgraded to leverage VDP to present database clones.

VDP works with leading databases including Db2, MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL SAP HANA and many others.

Yes, IBM VDP runs on-premises and in any public cloud including IBM Cloud.  It even supports IBM Cloud Object Storage, and provides the ability to instantly mount database copies directly from Cloud Object Storage without the need to move any data.

Yes, for customers looking for database cloning solutions, IBM VDP provides the ability to instantly present database copies in minutes regardless of size.  The other pieces of the Test Management family provide significant additional benefits and so customers often purchase those solutions along with VDP, but it is not required.