Actifio is the Best Solution for Hyper-V Data Protection

“Actifio targets the modern data-center and cloud environments. They clearly beat any of the competition!”

Gartner Peer Insight Customer Review – Large US University

Actifio provides the most comprehensive solution for data protection and recovery of Hyper-V VMs and application data – whether it’s on-premises, in public cloud, or in Azure Stack

Common Challenges

Instant Recovery Not Scalable

Instant recovery from deduplicated backups limits recoveries to just a few VMs. Can not recover 100s of VMs at scale

Complex Hybrid Cloud Recovery

Recovering On-Premises applications in the public cloud is complex and labor intensive with large RTO

High TCO for Hybrid Cloud Recovery

High compute and block storage costs to store and recover On-Premises Hyper-V application data in the public cloud

Actifio’s Solution for Hyper-V Backup & Recovery

Scalable, Instant Recovery for 100s / 1000s of VMs on-premises or in the public cloud like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM using Actifio Sky software appliance

Hyper-V Backup
  1. Low RPO with efficient incremental forever backup using Actifio CBT technology or using Actifio connectors for VMs with Databases
  2. Backup to cloud object storage with or without an on-premises local backup copy
  3. Retain backups in cloud object storage for days to decades as per SLAs
  4. Low RTO with instant mount and recovery directly from cloud object storage to on-premises Hyper-V

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5.  In the event of a disaster, provision on-demand Actifio Sky in the cloud and recover applications to on-demand cloud compute instances

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What Customers Are Saying…

“We have realized a significant reduction in out storage footprint, extended capabilities across on-prem and cloud, and eliminated multiple solutions needed to do what Actifio can do by itself.”

Gartner Peer Insight Customer Review – Global Consulting Company

“Data virtualization has greatly improved recovery times for data sets from a system outage.”

Gartner Peer Insight Customer Review – Global Airline

Key Features & Benefits

Agentless Incremental Forever Backup

Protect Hyper-V VMs using Actifio Change Block Tracking technology(CBT) in an incremental forever manner with application consistency

Actifio Change Block Tracking (CBT) for Databases

Capture application consistent database information in an incremental forever manner

15 Minute RPO

Reduce RPO to 15 minutes with application consistent database transaction log backups

Scalable Instant Recovery

Recover 100s of VMs in minutes with high performance due to backups stored in native application format

Storage Independence

Eliminate storage vendor lock-in by enabling users to utilize any storage on-premises or in the public cloud

Backup to Cloud Object Storage

Reduce DR data center footprint, lower TCO and retain data from days to decades with cloud object storage

Instant Recovery from Cloud Object Storage

Lower TCO by not using block storage and RTO by mounting directly from object storage