Pre-tested, Proven Solutions by Actifio and Pure Storage.


Actifio and Pure Storage integrations create advanced data management that delivers backup and recovery for massive data volumes at speed and scale.

Flashback is an architecture developed by Actifio which is optimized for instant backup and recovery using Pure Storage. It leverages native Pure Storage snapshots to deliver the performance and efficiencies customers expect from snapshots.  

Actifio’s deep application integration protects data in native application format and orchestrates large-scale recoveries either with Pure snapshots or traditional object storage.

Best of all, Flashback provides a simple path to the cloud and the ability to deliver disaster recovery in the cloud of choice.


Traditional data protection methodologies can no longer address the required speed, scale, and flexibility required for the massive data volumes in common use.


Leverage the Unparalleled Benefits of Actifio & Pure Storage together.


Achieve instant recovery to minimize downtime. Scalable instant recovery avoids outages by enabling data recoveries that shrink Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Multi-TB databases, file systems, VMs, or physical servers, can all be recovered either locally using Pure Storage snapshots, object storage, or in-cloud storage, regardless of data size.


Application consistent data can be captured from leading business applications, including SAP HANA, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Oracle, SQL, and MySQL. All protection operations integrate with application-specific APIs like RMAN, Microsoft VSS or VMware VADP to ensure application consistency. This ensures that applications are properly quiesced and instantly available for recovery.


Automated one-click disaster recovery is available either at a remote data center or in the cloud using Pure snapshots or cloud storage. Migration of critical business data to Pure Storage from any storage platform can also be simplified and automated.


Every user can be given instant self-service access to virtual copies of production data for information recovery or test and development. Peace of mind comes through working with integrated, pre-tested, proven solutions using Actifio and Pure Storage.

Actifio Flashback for Data Protection Solution Brief: Data Management that Works with and Extends any Storage Array, including Pure.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Flashback extends long-term retention and DR functionality to the cloud and benefits from dynamic, scalable and robust cloud economics. The solution also integrates cloud and object storage into existing data protection to enable instant recoveries and DR.

A single Actifio console can manage instances locally, at a DR site or in the cloud. Users set RTO and RPO retentions using simple SLA policies. All local and remote protection instances are managed through a single pane of glass.

Incremental forever backup for VMs, databases, file servers and NAS devices relying on native Pure snapshots. The benefit is improved RPO and shorter backup windows as well as up to 10x reductions in network and storage I/O requirements.

Scalable instant data recoveries minimize downtime and business impact from unexpected outages. Using snapshots and incremental forever-based backups reduce backup windows by 5x or more and enable backup administrators to focus their resource on other projects. Overall, integrating the cloud into existing data protection operations reduces costs for long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

No. Flashback for Data Protection is Actifio data management functionality that can work with and extend any storage array, including Pure. It allows IT admins to capture application consistent data from heterogeneous environments including physical and virtual servers running a wide variety of applications from Oracle to SAP HANA and MS SQL. Data can be stored locally using local storage or placed in any cloud to enable automated replication of data to remote sites for disaster recovery purposes. The critical capability to instantly recover servers at scale can be applied either locally using snapshots or in the cloud for instant recovery or DR.