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Actifio and Dell Technologies for Database Cloning and Hybrid Cloud


Actifio and Dell Technologies deliver integrated database cloning and hybrid cloud solutions for the modern enterprise.

Actifio and Dell Technologies deliver powerful incremental forever data capture and instant data access for database cloning and hybrid cloud environments.  

For database cloning, the Actifio Database Cloning Appliance (DCA) powered by Dell Technologies is available. This integrated solution combines the powers of Actifio Sky software with Dell EMC VxRack or VxRail to enable DBAs, testers, or developers to make virtual full clones (aka copies) of their production databases in minutes using a self-service model. Furthermore, Dell EMC PowerProtect DD and / or ECS can be leveraged as secondary storage tiers with this solution.

For the hybrid cloud, Actifio Cloud Connect is available. This solution leverages Actifio Sky software to allow enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of object storage (ECS or cloud) for analytics and other primary storage use cases. Actifio Cloud Connect offers a unique, incremental forever update method that makes the use of object storage for instant data access feasible, meaning that object storage data is now treated as a first-class citizen.

Actifio is optimized for nearly any Dell Technologies product. If customers desire to integrate Actifio into their existing Dell Technologies environment, they can use the following platforms: PowerEdge Servers, Unstructured Data Solutions (ECS, Isilon), HCI Solutions (VxRail, VxFlex, VxBlock), Unity, XtremIO, PowerProtect DD, PowerVault, PowerMax, or PowerOne


Traditional methodologies no longer meet the needs of the modern enterprise.


Actifio and Dell Technologies deliver solutions that provide instant database clones of even the largest databases in minutes either locally or in the cloud of choice.

Actifio and Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge teams have partnered to provide solutions integrating Actifio software with Dell EMC hardware. These integrated solutions deliver instant access to clones of even the largest mission-critical databases in minutes and are entirely API driven to enable automation and self-service data access. They allow organizations to better manage their data by providing a scalable, enterprise-grade Copy Data Management (CDM) solution for very large databases as well as instant access to virtual read/write copies living on-premises and in any cloud.


Actifio Database Cloning Appliance powered by Dell Technologies

The Actifio Database Cloning Appliance (DCA) allows DBAs, testers, or developers to make virtual full clones (aka copies) of their databases in minutes using a self-service model. These clones can be created on-premises or in any public cloud. This cloning process is a very efficient solution and can be used for a host of use cases, including testing/development environments; user acceptance testing (UAT); security patch testing; performance testing; and analytics.


Actifio Cloud Connect

Actifio Cloud Connect radically improves the efficiency of moving workloads to the cloud as compared to traditional products. Actifio Cloud Connect provides powerful incremental forever technology to minimize data transmission while delivering instant data access from ECS or cloud from any point-in-time without waiting for lengthy copy operations. Enterprises can take advantage of cost-efficient object storage without sacrificing performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Actifio supports the following databases: Oracle (including ASM & RAC); SAP HANA; Microsoft SQL Server (including AAG); IBM Db2; SAP ASE (formerly Sybase); MongoDB; PostgreSQL; MySQL; MariaDB; and MaxDB.

Yes. Actifio can orchestrate storage array snapshots from Dell EMC Unity to provide application-consistent snapshots from a single pane of glass while taking advantage of native FC performance. Other Dell EMC products may be supported in the future.

Actifio supports the following public clouds: AWS (EBS, S3, S3 IAS); Google Cloud Platform (Persistent Disk, Nearline, Coldline); Microsoft Azure (Block, Blob); IBM Cloud (Block Storage, Object Storage); Alibaba; Wasabi; and Oracle Cloud.

Both solutions are available via SKUs in the Dell Technologies’ Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) program. Simply reach out to your Dell Technologies seller or reseller, and they can quote you the optimal solution for your environment.