Actifio and Dell EMC for DevOps & Hybrid Cloud


Actifio and Dell EMC deliver integrated DevOps and hybrid cloud solutions for the agile enterprise.

The joint solution delivers powerful database-integrated incremental forever data capture and instant data access for DevOps or hybrid cloud environment.  

The solution leverages Actifio software along with Dell EMC Servers, VxRail, VxRack and a variety of storage options including Unity, XtremIO and Elastic Cloud Storage.


When it comes to DevOps, end users want to clone databases to improve the speed, quality and reliability of their software development processes.  


Actifio and Dell EMC deliver a solution providing instant database clones of even the largest databases in minutes either locally or in the cloud of choice.

Actifio and Dell EMC have partnered via Dell EMC’s Sell Through program to provide solutions integrating Actifio software with Dell EMC hardware. The combined offering delivers instant database clones of even the largest databases in minutes either locally or in the cloud of choice. The solution is entirely API driven to enable automation and self-service data access.


Sky Cloud Connect

Customers are looking to migrate enterprise applications to the Cloud. Sky Cloud Connect delivers advanced orchestration and data mobility features to enable simple migration of on-premises workloads to the public or private cloud of choice. Only changed blocks are transferred to minimize required bandwidth and all data copies are created in an application consistent manner.


Sky Database Cloning

This solution delivers instant database provisioning and refresh for SAP, Oracle and SQL Server databases on-premises or in any cloud. The offering incorporates user self-service enabling developers to access and refresh databases on demand without needing needing DBA support. The API-driven technology also enables simple integration with existing orchestration tools.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Both solutions support the range of public and private clouds including AWS, Azure and Google and VMware public and private clouds.

Both solutions are available through a single line item in the Dell EMC Sell Through program.  Simply reach out to your Dell EMC rep, and they can quote you the optimal solution for your environment.

Yes, Sky Cloud Connect and Sky Database Cloning support the complete range of Dell EMC infrastructure solutions.  The solutions can capture data from any Dell EMC storage and run on any Dell EMC compute platform that runs VMware.

Yes, both Sky Cloud Connect and Sky Database Cloning allow you to store information on ECS.  Both solutions also enable you to instantly access data storage in ECS without large scale data movement which accelerates access times and performance.