SAP HANA Copy Data Management.


Run better. Actifio Software redefines SAP HANA database management.

Enterprises create many copies of SAP HANA in-memory databases for use cases such as backup, remote vault, disaster recovery, test/dev, UAT, analytics, training, security patch testing and more.

Actifio Sky software provides a scalable, enterprise-grade, multi-cloud Copy Data Management (CDM) solution for SAP HANA databases. It efficiently and securely manages SAP HANA database copies in any public cloud or on-premises using any storage.

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Use Cases

Modernize Data Management for SAP HANA.


Enable powerful enterprise-grade multi-cloud backup and disaster recovery for mission critical SAP HANA environments.

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Accelerate multi-cloud application test and release cycles with rapid cloning of multi-TB SAP HANA databases to test environments.

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HOW actifio HELPS

Actifio Copy Data Management (CDM) reduces risk with instant recovery of multi-TB mission-critical SAP HANA databases.


Actifio leverages its backups to provision storage optimized SAP HANA database clones, with automated data masking of sensitive data for DevOps to help accelerate application test and release cycles.


Actifio software can run in any public cloud or on-premises using any storage and thus provides a cloud and storage agnostic solution.


Enterprises benefit by reducing total cost of ownership and by automating the creation, management, and deletion of all SAP HANA copies with a single software platform.



Vendor Evaluation Checklist for SAP HANA Backup, Recovery & Cloning.

Frequently Asked Questions.

SAP is commonly referred to as the ERP application which has traditionally run on major databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL, etc. SAP HANA is a new, in-memory database designed specifically to run SAP applications. SAP HANA provides improved performance since it stores the database in-memory, which is faster than databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL, etc. which are stored on disk.

Every enterprise creates multiple copies of their production SAP HANA databases.

DBAs dump SAP backint API backups to disk.

Backup Admins backup these dumps to backup storage and replicate to a remote site for vaulting or DR purposes.

Test/Dev, DevOps, Analytics, Security, UAT users need copies of production SAP HANA databases for testing purposes.

All of the above-siloed copies lead to a copy data explosion resulting in very high infrastructure costs & operational burden. With no automation to manage all these SAP HANA database copies, data provisioning for testers takes many weeks, stretching application test and release cycles.

Actifio’s VDP software platform solves this Copy Data Problem with its Copy Data Management (CDM) solution.

Since Actifio uses the native SAP HANA snapshot API, the certification is not required.

Actifio’s pricing model is very simple and easy to understand. It’s based on the amount of source data protected. For example: If an enterprise wants to use Actifio to protect 5 SAP HANA instances, each with 10 TB source database size, the enterprise would need Actifio license for 50 TB of source data. Enterprises can use this license anywhere in private or public cloud.

For more details, refer to this licensing page.

Actifio VDP is the patented core Virtual Data Pipeline technology that can be consumed in multiple form factors.

Actifio Sky is a VM appliance that runs Actifio VDP engine and can be provisioned in a public cloud VM or on-premises in VMware, Hyper-V VMs.

Actifio CDS/CDX is a physical appliance cluster that runs Actifio VDP engine with High Availability and is typically used on-premises.

Yes. Actifio supports all the major public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Oracle. It’s also available in some of the public cloud marketplaces.