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PostgreSQL Backup, Recovery and Cloning.

“It’s a great feeling to know that we made the right choice with Actifio. We went in looking for a better backup and recovery system, but we found something that has improved every aspect of our IT. We finally have a big picture about all of our production systems, how much data we’ve got there and how critical it is to the business.”

Mark Pearce, Infrastructure Manager, JBS


Incremental Forever Backup. Instant Recovery. Rapid Cloning.

Data management of PostgreSQL databases causes severe challenges for organizations and DBAs, especially when dealing with large instances.

Enterprises create many copies of PostgreSQL databases for use cases including backup, disaster recovery, test/dev, UAT, analytics, security patch testing and more.

Actifio provides a scalable, enterprise-grade Copy Data Management (CDM) solution that caters to all the above use cases for small and large PostgreSQL databases.

It manages PostgreSQL database copies efficiently and securely on-premises using any storage or in any public cloud like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, etc.



Legacy backup products require recurring full backups at least weekly, if not daily. Recurring full backups impact database performance and backup window. A large backup window also leads to a large Recovery Point Objective (RPO)


Recovering from database dumps or proprietary backup format increases Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as well.


Enterprises create physical copies of production databases. For large PostgreSQL databases, this leads to high storage costs and also leads to long wait cycles with too much time wasted in creating and refreshing physical copies.

These problems increase exponentially as PostgreSQL database size grows.

HOW actifio HELPS

Actifio Copy Data Management (CDM) reduces risk with instant recovery of multi-TB PostgreSQL databases.


Reduce RTO from days to minutes with its unique capability to recover multi-TB PostgreSQL databases instantly.


Reduce the PostgreSQL database backup window and the associated performance impact up to 20x with an application-consistent, incremental forever backup solution. A small backup window also reduces RPO.


Reduce risk by providing instant recovery of multi-TB mission-critical PostgreSQL databases.


Provision storage-optimized PostgreSQL database clones in a self-service manner, with automated data masking of sensitive data, for DevOps to help accelerate application test and release cycles & analytics.


These PostgreSQL database clones are rewritable thin-clones which means they don’t consume any extra storage, thus helping to reduce storage costs.


Reduce total cost of ownership by up to 55% by delivering backup, disaster recovery, and rapid database cloning with a single platform that reduces license and infrastructure costs.


Use any public cloud or on-premises using any storage.


Actifo for PostgreSQL



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