Backup, Recovery, and Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.


Actifio delivers Backup, Recovery, and Migration of on-premises workloads running in 1000s of VMs, Physical Servers, and enterprise Databases to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Most enterprises want to reduce their data center footprint for Backup and DR infrastructure.

Actifio software enables enterprises to protect VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) workloads and perform on-demand recoveries.

Actifio can also protect VMC on AWS resident workloads with backup and replication to AWS object storage while providing on-demand recovery.


Enterprises struggle with large Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) to recover VMs and databases in VMC on AWS.


For all VMC workloads, including databases and VMs, Actifio delivers low RTO with instant recovery and low RPO with incremental forever backup.


For low priority VMware VMs, Actifio can tier backups from VSAN to AWS S3 / S3 IAS object storage resulting in low cloud infrastructure costs. Enterprises benefit from instant recovery, even from cloud object storage.


Enterprises can also provision rapid database clones on-demand in VMC on AWS for Test Data Management. A single solution for all these use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS resident workloads lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Actifio can backup VMware VMs running in VMware Cloud on AWS. It can also recover the entire VM instantly from VSAN storage running in VMware Cloud on AWS. As part of this recovery, Actifio can also perform instant mount and recovery of the non-system volumes and databases to deliver instant recovery in the cloud.

Yes. Actifio can perform instant recovery from AWS S3 or AWS S3 IAS, as well as VSAN.

VMware Cloud on AWS users can provision dozens of thin-clones of the VM, in minutes, to Dev / QA / UAT / Analytics environments in VMware Cloud on AWS. Actifio does this by reusing backups efficiently to provision thin clones, in minutes, to test environments with almost any configuration.

Yes. Enterprises can use AWS S3 or S3 IAS object storage for long-term data retention. Actifio can incrementally replicate VMware VM backups forever from VMware Cloud on AWS to cloud object storage such as AWS S3 or S3 IAS object Storage.