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AWS Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery


Actifio provides a single platform for backup, recovery, cloning and analytics for Cloud and on-premises VMs & Databases, delivering low RTO, RPO and costs.

Enterprises use Actifio for cloud backup to AWS to reduce their data center footprint and costs.

Using a single pane of glass for all workloads, they can also protect AWS- resident workloads, perform 1-click DR orchestration, and lower Recovery Time Objective (RTO) & operational burden.

And lastly, they reuse the backups to provision rapid database clones for test / dev / analytics in AWS.

Webinar: AWS CloudEndure vs Azure Site Recovery

“Our IT future is Hybrid. We’re pragmatic about what works best inside our data centers and what runs better and cheaper, with more scalability, in the cloud. Actifio Sky’s expanded feature set, and the addition of Actifio GO, mean we can check all the boxes on-site and in any cloud.”

Alan Rees – Infrastructure Architect

Challenges Companies face


Expensive Deduplication Appliance Costs

Many enterprises have been stuck with legacy dedup backup appliances that are expensive and deliver very large RTO & RPO.


Large Recovery Time (RTO)

Some enterprises have started backing up to AWS S3. However recovering from their dedup backups stored in S3 takes forever, increasing the RTO to even days. 


High AWS EBS Storage Costs

To overcome the above challenges, some solutions rehydrate data after each backup, from AWS S3 to AWS EBS disk volumes. 24×7 costs of using an AWS EBS disk for backup increases the costs by up to 10x.


Lack of DR Orchestration

Most enterprises lack 1-click DR orchestration to recover VMs, physical servers, and enterprise databases automatically as part of a DR plan, thus shifting the burden to operations.

HOW Actifio HELPS in AWS

Backup, recover, and clone, in just minutes, multi-tier applications including databases, VMs, physical servers to AWS.


Cloud Backup with ZERO on-premises Storage

Reduce costs by using Actifio OnVault to backup VMware VMs from on-premises to AWS S3 with no on-premises storage. Also have an option to have a local on-premises copy.


Reduce Cloud Infrastructure Costs

For all on-premises workloads including Databases, Physical servers, NAS/file servers, VMware, Hyper-V; backup to AWS S3, S3 IAS and reduce cloud infrastructure costs.


Low Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Protect all workloads with application consistent, incremental forever backups to AWS S3.


Low Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Using Actifio Cloud Mobility, instantly mount and recover as AWS EC2 VMs directly from AWS S3 without having to restore to AWS EBS volumes. This reduces RTO and costs.


High I/O Performance

Get AWS EBS SSD Flash performance even after instant mount and recovery from AWS S3 with Actifio’s intelligent I/O caching.


1-click DR Orchestration

Using Actifio Resiliency Director, create and execute DR plans with automated recovery of databases, VMs, physical servers as AWS EC2 instances. This eliminates operational burden for DR and DR testing.


Cloud Snapshot Management

Protect AWS cloud resident workloads using AWS EBS snapshots. Catalog and recover AWS EC2 instances from AWS EBS snapshots at scale in any region.


Accelerate Test / Dev / Analytics

Reuse backups in AWS S3 to provision rapid database clones to AWS EC2 instances for Test/Dev/Analytics, without consuming any extra AWS EBS storage.

Actifio Sky for AWS brings enterprise-class backup and scalable instant recovery for your enterprise applications.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Actifio can backup physical machines to AWS. It can also recover the entire Windows or Linux physical server as a AWS EC2 VM. As part of this recovery, Actifio can also perform instant mount and recovery of the non-system volumes and databases, thus deliver instant recovery in the cloud.

Yes. Actifio can perform instant recovery from AWS S3 or AWS S3 IAS, as well as AWS EBS.

There are two forms of replication from on-premises to AWS.

For mission-critical workloads, enterprises use replication between Actifio Sky on-premises to Actifio Sky in AWS EC2 VM.

For Tier 2 and Tier 3 VMs, enterprises can back up on-premises VMware VMs directly to AWS S3 or AWS S3 IAS storage, thus reducing on-premises storage costs.


Actifio performs incremental forever backups of SQL using its own proprietary change block tracking technology and leverages VSS snapshots for database consistency. Yet, each point-in-time incremental backup results in a full virtual copy, i.e., no extra storage is consumed for the virtual full copy, and you can recover a full database without having to apply incremental data to full backups.

Actifio Sky then mounts the point-in-time backup image (which is in native SQL format and not a traditional dump) to the recovery server over iSCSI and recovers the database in minutes. Based on the specified point in time, it automatically replays any transaction logs that are needed.

Actifio does not use the BackInt database dumps, and instead relies upon the SAP HANA native snapshot API (‘HDBSQL’ calls to create a global savepoint for application-consistent backup). Actifio performs incremental forever backups. Yet, each point-in-time incremental backup is synthesized to be a full virtual copy, i.e., no extra storage is consumed for the virtual full copy, and you can recover a full database without having to apply all incremental backups.

Actifio Sky then mounts the point-in-time backup image (which is in native HANA Data format and not a traditional dump) to the recovery server over FC/iSCSI/NFS and recovers the database (using HANA API ‘’) in minutes.

Information that is protected by Actifio Sky in Amazon EBS for backups can also be leveraged to provision multiple virtual database clones for Dev, QA, UAT, Analytics or other test environments. Sky also enables developer self-service to simplify and accelerate the provisioning of virtual database clones.

Re-writable virtual clones are space efficient and do not use any extra storage.  Incremental disk capacity is only consumed when the database is changed as part of the testing process.

Other backup products typically take hours or days to create physical clones with 10x or more storage required in test environments.

Yes. DBAs/administrators can use AWS S3 or S3 IAS object storage for long-term data retention. Actifio can replicate backups in an incremental forever manner to a cloud object storage such as AWS S3 or S3 IAS object Storage.