Faster Time to Market
Launch new services faster with world class MSP Enablement 

Competitive Differentiation
Launch services for many platforms with better SLAs

Global Reach
Increase total addressable market by delivering services in your data center, or in public cloud

Cost Reduction
Launch multiple services with a single data management platform to reduce infrastructure, multiple vendor license, and operational costs

High Margins
 Multiple services and revenue streams with lower costs increase your margin

Reduce Operational Burden
 One platform to deliver multiple services reduces onboarding and steady state operational burden and costs


The shift toward the enterprise cloud is a double-edged sword for service providers. On the one hand, business is great, with more and more customers moving toward the cloud. On the other, there are plenty of ​things to keep you up at night.

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How Actifio Replaces Multiple Point Tools

Typical Challenges for Service Providers

How MSPs Launch Multiple Services with Actifio

What MSPs are Saying

“It isn’t hyperbole – data protection has gone from afterthought to one of our biggest sellers. It allows us to get established clients to allow us to manage their backup as a start. And then, we show them a list of things that we can do that they can’t do for themselves. It’s all based on value not pennies per-megabyte.” – BRYAN PORTER, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER AT DATABANK, LTD.

“We have a client that provides ERP application services. Actifio using our virtual data center, they have cut the creation of their development environments from four months to just a few hours.” – BRYAN RICE, FOUNDER AND PRINCIPAL, Net3

“Anybody can back up data. We get excited when clients want to restore their data. And now, with Actifio they can do it themselves and test it whenever they want.” —ABDUL ALTAMIMI, CTO AND FOUNDER, RESTOREPOINT


Gartner calls us visionary.  Our customers call us transformational.  Learn how over 3,500 customers in 38 countries have turned Enterprise Data-as-a-Service into savings, improved protection, and business acceleration.