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What is Database Cloning?


Hi, this is Eric Barbieri and I’m here to talk to you about database cloning. First, let’s start with some of the challenges that enterprises often see around their database environments.

The biggest challenge is that databases have just grown tremendously. Now we’re talking many, many terabytes in size to sometimes hundreds of terabytes in size, and this is across all the big platforms. This is SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and these large, large databases are often very, very difficult to clone.

This difficulty really leads the challenges around application development, life cycles and the testing cycles that go along with that. On top of that, there’s no self-service. Customers are often really bogged down with many different members of many different teams having to come work together to create clones and then refreshing those clones can become a nightmare.

So what’s database cloning? Database cloning is the ability to be able to create instantly on demand virtual clones of any database independent of the size. The benefits of database cloning are really around driving faster, accelerated releases, building higher quality applications, and developing against full datasets, reducing the provisioning time and refresh time in these large databases. And it allows us to be able to leverage existing scripts in DevOps tools. On top of that, database cloning can often help leverage the cloud for burst ability and agility, and it can overall reduce your storage footprint.

I hope this video was helpful!