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A Multi-function Actifio Bonus for Aviation Distribution Services

Backup Speed, Flexibility, and Functionality

Key Facts

Challenges: Transforming a legacy tape backup environment to flexible and reliable disk-based data backup to gain improved scope, speed, and simplicity.

IT Environment: One data center, 100% virtualized servers, Linux, Windows, SQL, Oracle, IBM Unidata, storage includes Pure, NetApp, Dell/EMC, and HP hyper-converged

Solution: Implemented Actifio as a multi- purpose backup solution and data migration engine.

Executive Summary

Secure and reliable technology is essential for this major aviation parts distributor to operate its high-volume global distribution business. That includes the assurance of data availability and protection. It also requires speed, and their legacy backup-to-tape platform was much too slow and complicated to meet business requirements. Searching for a fast, flexible, multi-function alternative, they discovered Actifio as the ideal multi-purpose solution. Actifio delivered fast data backup and was used for the data migration that completed the move between data centers. Actifio Sky protects data with on-site and off-site backup as well as helping with system troubleshooting and server protection during software updates and patches.

Aviation Distribution Services Overview

‘This aviation parts distributor stocks over 1 million part numbers for OEMs, MROs, and airlines. They offer end-to-end services that reduce cost, risk, and complexity. With 2,000+ employees in locations around the globe, the company supplies parts for military, commercial and business jets.

The Challenge

As a supplier of high-volume airplane parts, the distributor stocks locations near airports for rapid response to customer orders. In support of global operations, the core of their ERP system is an IBM database running on a Linux backbone. Every customer transaction relies on the immediate availability of data contained in that system and backing up that data for secure protection is essential to keep the business running.

A legacy Commvault system, backing up to tape, could no longer satisfy the business need for speed. The platform was hard to manage, and recovery from tape was much too slow. It could lag from six hours to as much as three days to complete the entire process, including off-site tape retrieval. And there was an added challenge, the business was to be spun-off and needed to migrate all of its data and servers to a different data center.

“An important consideration we use in choosing any vendor is the quality of service, and Actifio service response and quality is the best I’ve ever seen from any vendor. Not only do they resolve problems quickly, but they also help me to understand the details, making knowledge transfer part of the transaction.”


The Solution

Searching for options, the IT team was attracted to Actifio during a VMworld conference. They immediately recognized the Actifio benefits for fast data backup. However, there was also a flexible multi-function bonus. They could use the same Actifio technology to perform data migration, moving full servers from one data center to another. “As we were considering Actifio for backup, we had not yet figured out how we would do our data migrations, but every method we were considering was complicated,” they said. “Then we realized that Actifio could also perform fast migrations and make it simple as well.”

The distributor now uses Actifio Sky for local and remote backup of servers and databases, including Oracle and SQL. Because the system is “app aware” a specific database is quickly recovered to the nearest second; no need to struggle with swapping tapes to piece together incremental backups. They also use Actifio to create server clones for troubleshooting, and because the backup process can be efficiently executed on-demand, a quick copy is made of any server before conducting software updates or patching.

“Actifio Sky is an ideal platform. It’s simple to use and easy to navigate using a GUI or command-line interface. Management can be centralized. It’s easy to script, and I can recover any file or server in three to five minutes– way better than any traditional backup platform. The system pays for itself in time saved.”



1. High-performance backup and recovery with recovery times reduced from days to a few minutes

2. Technical functionality, feature richness, command line or GUI flexibility, and ease of use

3. Fast, high-quality and responsive support

4. Easy creation of scripts to control servers or run reports

5. Data management/protection streamlined and simplified

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