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SQL Data Management with Actifio – How It Works


Hi, this is Jay Livens from Actifio. In this video, I will talk about how Actifio enables instant backup, recovery, cloud migration, and DevOps orchestration of SQL databases. The most common challenges we hear from customers pertaining to SQL protection and cloning include one, lengthy backup windows due to the requirement of recurring full backups, two, extended recovery times due to the requirements to restore large volumes of SQL data either locally or in the cloud when a recovery is required, and three, an inability to provide secure, reliable, and consistent on demand database Clones.

Actifio helps customers solve these challenges in a manner that leverages native SQL APIs like VSS and fully supports advanced features like clustering AAG and file streams. Actifio delivers the following benefits. Number one, highly efficient incremental forever backups using VSS and change block tracking technology via fibre channel or [inaudible 00:01:12]. As a result, Actifio delivers extremely short backup windows and reduces application server resource usage by 10X or more. The instant recovery of large databases is number two, and we provide the ability to restore databases in minutes regardless of size using instant mount technology.

Post recovery, data can be moved back to production storage by leveraging native SQL replication. As a result, Actifio reduces recovery times by 15X or more for even the largest databases. Finally, three, the instant creation of SQL database clones in a self-service manner using native DevOps tools like IBM, urban code, Chef, Ansible, Puppet or SaltStack while ensuring that access controls and data masking requirements are maintained. We can instantly provision multiple databases from one protected copy very easily. The ability to instantly provision databases on demand enables developers to accelerate release cycles and increase agility. In fact, one of our customers leveraged Actifio to go from four to six releases per year.

Actifio software provides these compelling benefits to SQL environments, either locally or in the cloud. It also incorporates advanced replication functionality to enable the instant recovery or presentation of SQL databases inside the cloud, which enables new use cases like instant recovery, Dior, or DevOps in the cloud. Checkout to learn more. Thank you for watching.