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Sharp Actifio Customer Video

Learn how Sharp sped up their back up times while maintaining a high level of protection for their data


“Backups run for a long time. We have one database that is over three terabytes that used to take six, seven hours to back it up. With Actifio, we’ve done that now with five, six minutes. In just a snap, we’re able to protect our environment a lot quicker. My name is Alfredo Nunez, I manage the IT infrastructure and operations.

“At Sharp Electronics, we run a variety of obligations. We have SAP, we have Oracle, we have Exchange, we have VMware. Many of our IT infrastructure was growing out of proportion, especially in the storage side of the house. Our backups were running tremendously for seven hours, just for one database. We had to go outside and look at the different applications and different ways to improve our infrastructure. And also, look at how we were doing back up, how we were doing software recovery. Actifio brought us all of that into one simple pane of glass and application.”

“We are an SAP shop. We run AIX and Oracle in our environment. Our SAP environment supports all of our sales, inventory, PGI, and that’s very important to us. We always look at ways to protect it, have faster recovery. With Actifio, we reduce the amount of storage that we use in the back end because now, we can move to a platform that we could do more snap. We could present the same amount of storage to all the servers that need faster recovery.

“We do it a lot faster than we used to do before. In the old world, we have many cycles of obligations, licenses, and equipment to maintain. That brings a lot of complicated silos in our environment where we now need to have a group to maintain one obligation, another group to maintain another obligation. With Actifio, it’s like the United Nations. It united everybody into one pane of glass. Now we could all work from one glass, one storage, and minimize complexity in our environment.”

Alfredo Nunez – IT infrastructure and Operations Manager, Sharp Electronics