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SAP HANA Backup and Recovery with Actifio – How It Works


Hey, everyone. I’m Jason from Actifio. Today I’m going to talk about how Actifio works for SAP HANA backup and recovery. Other backup solutions require recurring full backups using SAP backend APIs and employ duplication, which increases RPO and RTO.

Actifio provides an efficient, fast solution to provide application-consistent, incremental backup after the first full and instant recovery for multi-terabyte SAP HANA databases, reducing RPO and RTO to minutes. Here’s how:

This lightweight Actifio connector, installed on the SAP HANA server. The connector uses Actifio’s patented technology to create a bitmap of changed blocks in the SAP HANA data area disk.

The connector uses the name of SAP HANA HDB SQL API to create a snapshot to flush data and memory to disk. This connector than creates a snapshot of the SAP HANA data area disk. Now that we have the disk snapshot, the connector deletes the native SAP HANA snapshot, freeing up the HANA database for new reads and writes.

Next, Actifio Sky mounts a volume to the SAP HANA server. The connector then leverages its changed block tracking bitmap to back up the changed blocks from the data area disk snapshot to the mounted volume. Once this incremental backup is done, Actifio Sky unmounts the volume and deletes the data area disk snapshot. Finally, Actifio Sky issues an internal software snapshot and synthesizes a point in time virtual full backup copy.

The incremental forever process ensures that the backups are small and fast. Additionally, Actifio can capture SAP HANA transaction logs, thus reducing RPO to 15 minutes.

Now, what about recovery? Since Actifio stores SAP HANA backups in data format, users can instantly mount this application-consistent, point in time, virtual full copy of the SAP HANA database. Actifio then brings up the SAP HANA database online and neatly enterprises to recover multi-terabyte, re-writable SAP HANA database copies in minutes, which significantly reduces RTO. Best of all, this can be done on-premises in any public cloud or in hybrid cloud. So, if you want a low RPO and RTO for multi-terabyte SAP HANA databases, request a free demo.

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