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SAP Data Management Overview with Actifio


SAP HANA is an in memory database used by enterprises for high performance OLTP and OLAP workloads. Since SAP HANA is used for mission critical data, backup, recovery, and cloning are extremely important. But there are some challenges with the offerings out there today. The first challenge is large backup windows. Most enterprise backup products protect HANA using SAP backend APIs, which leads to recurring full backups and hence, a large backup window of many hours, significantly impacting RPO.

Actifio provides a much more efficient, faster solution to provide application consistent, incremental forever backups, where only the changed blocks are backed up. By using the SAP HANA HDBSQL API and Actifio’s patented change block tracking technology, Actifio ensures that the backups are small and fast, with the ability to capture transaction logs and lower the RPO to 15 minutes, significantly reducing data loss risk in the case of an outage.

The second challenge is slow recoveries. Since products use the SAP backend API, the product must be converted from backup format back to SAP HANA format during the recovery, which increases time. Also, if the data is to be duplicated, it must be rehydrated and converted back to its original format before it can be accessed.

So, since Actifio stores data in a native SAP HANA format, Actifio can instantly mount multi-terabyte point in time SAP HANA databases in minutes. Actifio then automatically brings the SAP HANA database online, which reduces the RTO to minutes.

The third challenge is expensive database cloning of SAP HANA databases for testing and development. This process is typically slow and requires DBAs and admins to waste time in provisioning and copying activities. Therefore, corners are cut, resulting in poor quality, long application development life cycles, and lost revenue opportunity. Actifio solves these challenges by using backups to create virtually full clones that can be mounted instantly in parallel, while only taking up megabytes instead of terabytes of storage.

Developers and testers can create these clones in an automated, self-service manner, integrate them into existing CI/CD environments and therefore, save a significant amount of time and resources. This results in fast application development and improved quality with lower TCO. Best of all, this can be done on-premises, on any public cloud or on hybrid cloud.

So, if you want low RPO, low RTO, and database cloning orchestration for SAP HANA, request a free demo of Actifio.

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