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Reduce RTO, RPO, and cloning time for mission critical applications using PostgreSQL on premises or in any public cloud.


Hello, I’m Jason from Actifio. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about how you can reduce RTO, RPO, and cloning time for your mission critical applications using PostgreSQL, running anywhere on premises or in any public cloud.

PostgreSQL, or more commonly known as PostgreS for short, is a free open source relational database management system that was created in 1986, believe it or not. Enterprise has created many copies of posers database for things like backup, disaster recovery, cloning, or test dev, reporting, analytics and more. But there are challenges associated with managing all these copies, especially for larger multi terabyte PostgreSQL instances. These challenges include:

1) Recurring full backups. Legacy backup products require recording full backups at least weekly, if not daily. Recurring full backups can impact database performance and the backup window. A large backup window also leads to a large recovery point objective or RPO.

2) High RTO. Recovery from database dumps or proprietary backup format increases recovery time objective or RTO as well.

3) Enterprises create physical copies of production databases. For large PostgreSQL databases this leads to a high storage costs and also leads to long wait cycles, too much time wasted in creating and refreshing physical copies.

Actifio provides a scalable enterprise grade copy data management solution for backup, disaster recovery, and cloning that caters to both small and large PostgreSQL databases running anywhere on premises or in a public cloud like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM cloud, Alibaba cloud and others. Actifio’s unique patent and features and functionality provide many benefits to enterprises who want to back backup, recover, or clone PostgreSQL databases.

These benefits include:

1) Reducing the PostgreSQL database backup window and the associated performance impact up to 20X with an application assisted incremental forever backup solution. This is achieved using PostgreSQL freeze and unfreeze APIs in conjunction with Actifio’s change block tracking functionality.

2) A small backup window also reduces RPO.

3) Reduce RTO from days to minutes with Actifio’s unique capability to recover multi terabyte PostgreSQL databases instantly.

4) Reduce risk by providing instant recovery of multi terabyte mission critical PostgreSQL databases from any point in time.

5) Provision PostgreSQL database clones in a self service manner in just minutes with automated data masking of sensitive data to help accelerate application test and release cycles as well as data analytics.

6) Now these PostgreSQL database clones are re-writeable thin clones, which means they don’t consume any extra storage, thus helping to reduce storage costs.

7) Reduce total cost ownership by 55% by delivering backup, disaster recovery and rapid PostgreSQL database cloning with a single platform that reduces license and infrastructure costs.

8) You can use Actifio to start backups, performance recovery, or clone PostgreSQL databases in any public cloud or on premises using any storage.

If you’d like to learn more head to and visit our PostgreSQL page or contact your local Actifio representative. Thanks for watching.