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Rapid Database Cloning with Containers for Test Data Management


Hey everyone, Jason from Actifio here. We’re talking 10c again and today we’re talking about test data management with containers. I’m joined by Micah from our product management team. Welcome.

Thank you.

So can you talk to us a little bit about what did we introduce here in 10c in regards to TDM with containers?

We have a lot of customers that use Actifio for test data management, capturing their production databases and creating virtual clones very easily and quickly to their development environment. And many of those are starting to use containers and they came to us and asked us for an easy way to essentially do the same thing but with containers.

Makes sense. So can you walk us through how this would work?

The first part is pretty much the same as we’ve done so far. You have your production database, really doesn’t matter the size. We can capture it, bring it into Actifio, create point in time copies. And once we have that, you can select any point in time and make that copy available to the Kubernetes environment. We export it as an NFS share. And what that means is that we have the flexibility through the master node to present it to any worker node.

If you’re bringing up your production here, the virtual clone will be available. If later on, it moves to another worker node, the database will follow with it. So really very easy to use from a Kubernetes container perspective.

Awesome. And I think also as well, we can present multiple copies to different worker nodes, too.

Yeah. As with today, you can choose any point in time, you can make multiple virtual clones from the same point in time. So you can bring up as many container environments, as many prods as you want for your development purposes.

Perfect. I think that helps a lot. So how do you see customers using it? What’s going to be the benefit to them in regards to using Actifio for Test Data Management with containers?

Containers really are very lightweight. They come up quickly. You can shut them down quickly. They consume very few resources. So they’re really a great fit for CICD environments, DevOps, et cetera. And that’s really where we see the initial use of containers with databases, both to speed up development as well as to cut costs. Very, very cost effective.

Two very important things for test data management or devops use cases, right?


Awesome. Well, Micah, thank you very much.

Thanks, Jason.

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