Learn More About Actifio Sky
In this video members of the Actifio team give more information about the new Actifio Sky product.
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ESG White Paper: Analyzing the Economic Value of Actifio Copy Data Storage
Review ESG’s calculated Annual Total Cost of Ownership,  Annual Benefits, and ROI for both Actifio and the alternative solution under a common enterprise scenario.
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IDC Insight: The Copy Data Problem
In this report, read IDC’s detailed findings on the sources of copy data and how they impact the enterprise, IDC’s recommendations on how to limit the impact of copy data on your organization, and IDC’s insight on the future outlook of the problem and what technologies will make an impact and reduce the $44 billion in costs paid by organizations in 2013.
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IDC White Paper: The Copy Data Management Market
In this report, learn IDC’s detailed findings on the key drivers of copy data and the reasons for copy data growth, as well as their other copy data findings.
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451 Research: With $107.5M in VC backing, Actifio is set for rapid expansion
In this report, 451 analyst Dave Simpson gives his take on Actifio’s 6.0 product launch and its place in the market.
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ESG Lab Validation Report: Actifio’s Copy Data Storage Platform
The Enterprise Strategy Group Lab team recently put Actifio 6.0 through its paces. This report details their independent, hands-on testing, their results, and their recommendations.
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451 Research: Actifio reels in $100M, bringing its total funding to $207.5M
In this report, 451 analyst Dave Simpson gives his take on Actifio’s announcement of $100M VC funding and its place in the market.
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2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software
In this report, Gartner states that by 2020, 30% of organizations will leverage backup for more than just operational recovery (e.g., disaster recovery, test/development, DevOps, etc.).
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2014 Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Management
In this report, Gartner placed Copy Data Management as a technology on the Hype Cycle for the first time, listing Actifio as a vendor in the space.
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451 Research: How Actifio hit three markets with one technology
In this report, 451 analyst Nikolay Yamakawa gives his take on Actifio’s place in the data management market.
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ESG Lab Validation Report: Actifio Sky and Resiliency Director
This report details the Enterprise Strategy Group’s independent, hands-on testing, their results, and recommendations.
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Business Resiliency for the Enterprise
This solution brief outlines the primary challenges to achieving true business resiliency, the key questions to consider when implementing a new approach, how to measure a solution for its value, cost, risk, and quality, and how Actifio meets all of these points to deliver true business resiliency.
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