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Oracle Backup and Recovery with Copy Data Management by Actifio


Hello. I’m Jay Livens from Actifio. Today, I’m going to talk about how Actifio works for Oracle with backup and recovery.

Traditional backup solutions require recurring full backups and typically also employ deduplication appliances, which increase RPO and RTO. Actifio provides an efficient and fast solution to provide application consistent incremental forever backup and delivers instant recovery for even the largest Oracle databases. It reduces RPO from days or hours to minutes. Here’s how it works.

Actifio installs a lightweight connector inside of the Oracle server that integrates natively with Oracle RMAN. When it’s time for a backup, the Actifio connector first mounts a volume that is presented by the Actifio appliance over NFS, [iSCSI 00:01:04], or Fibre Channel. The connector leverages the RMAN incremental API and incremental merge functions to quiesce Oracle and to get the blocks that have changed since the last backup.

It is important to recognize that a full backup only happens once and never occurs again. The RMAN incremental merge and incremental APIs ensures that Actifio only captures changed blocks after the first full. The changed blocks are then applied to the Actifio volume and, at the end of the process, the presented volume matches the production instance. This matches that. The Actifio volume is then unmounted and, finally, the Actifio Sky virtual appliance issues an internal snapshot of the updated volume and synthesizes a point in time of virtual full which is stored on the storage platform or cloud of the customer’s choice. This process ensures that backup are small and fast and can lower RPOs to one hour or less. Additionally, Actifio can capture Oracle archive logs every 15 minutes, thus significantly reducing risk in the case of an outage. Archive log.

Now, what about recovery? Since Actifio stores Oracle data in native format, users can instantly mount a point in time virtual full copy of the Oracle database in minutes. Actifio then orchestrates the process of bringing the Oracle database online. The technology enables users to mount massive Oracle database copies in minutes, which can reduce the RTO by 10X or more. Best of all, this can be done on premises in any public cloud or in a hybrid cloud, so if you want low RPO and RTO for large Oracle databases, check out Actifio’s Oracle Backup information to learn more.


Detailed Oracle Backup and Recovery Solution Brief: