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Nasdaq improves business resiliency and availability, while reducing cost, risk, and complexity.


Bharat Patel: Just blink, and that’s about 10,000 shares that were matched or sold in the market; that’s the rate at which activities occur. And of course, that rate of activity generates so much data behind it. That data is going to have to go somewhere; we’ve got to still track it all the way through. So we’re always looking for ways, and technologies, and approaches, that are out there.

Joe Butwell: At NASDAQ, we’re constantly being asked to evaluate new technologies. What Actifio did for us is, they were unique in the way that they approached copy data virtualization. Downtime is a serious problem here, and exchange or email is mission critical. We can’t afford to be down for hours while we recover a database, so Actifio provided that solution to recover a mailbox to a point in time, quickly and seamlessly, with no pain.

Bharat Patel: Our backups take less than an hour now. We can recover down to one hour as to what email, or what chunk of data they want, for the Exchange environment, and it’s less than 15 minutes we can get it done. It was fantastic. Our legal team is ecstatic about this. We don’t have to recover large chunks of data anymore; we can recover exactly what we want.

Joe Butwell: Our Exchange administrators were blown away the first time we actually had to recover a database for a production problem. What would have taken many, many hours to recover that database took just minutes, and everybody was just thrilled with it.

Bharat Patel: The fact that Actifio has a hybrid model in mind, I don’t have to worry about, “Will this work in public cloud vendor A-B-C, or my own private cloud?” It doesn’t matter. You have the ability and the knowledge of putting your technology in different places and making it work.

Joe Butwell: It’s an elegant solution, and I really liked that, and it’s high performance. The copy data virtualization that you get, and the speed in which you can recover databases, is second to none. Just today, we had to do a restore of the database. A few clicks and their data was back, and that’s really the best thing we can say. Because, at the end of the day, it’s my customer’s data that I’m trying to protect, and so if I can get their data back online in minutes, instead of hours, that’s the best solution possible.

Bharat Patel: As we move to the cloud, we have to protect the data. We are really looking not just to move the data, but process it in a timely way. So Actifio can help us achieve those end points, and the end goals we’re trying to get to here.

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